Folgers 1850 Black Gold Coffee Review (for 2023)

In my Folgers 1850 Black Gold Coffee Review, I will analyze the popular product honestly to help you decide whether it’s a worthy addition to your daily coffee-drinking routines.

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About 1850 Brand Coffee / Folger

There are no prizes for guessing which year James A. Folger started the company. Still, the fact Folger continues to go strong almost 170 years later paints a pretty clear picture. The 1850 brand is a relatively new addition to its excellent range, hitting the shelves in 2018. It has quickly established itself as one of the biggest sellers in its arsenal.

The Folger coffee company has a massive presence across North America, covering the United States, Canadian and Mexican markets. Given the brand’s strong reputation across three huge coffee-drinking countries, I expected nothing less than a great taste from the 1850 blend. Even so, this black gold dark roast coffee’s consistent flavor left a very positive impact

What Folger Says

It’s always worth reading what companies have to say about their products as it indicates where it sits within their range. For example, Folger describes their 1850 brand flavor profile as “made with a smooth blend of 100% Arabica beans, this dark roast coffee reveals notes of dark cocoa. 1850® Black Gold Coffee is crafted with fire-roasted, steel-cut coffee beans using time-honored techniques for a masterful taste.”

With this in mind, Folgers coffee promises that you will “strike gold every morning” with its 1850 blend. The company certainly sets the bar of expectation at a very high position

Black Gold Dark Roast Review

All true coffee lovers know that the experience starts long before putting the mug to your lips. In truth, I was a little excited before I even opened the Folger coffee packet. The blue pouch with Gold and white design elements truly evokes feelings of luxury and tradition, instantly preparing you for what will be a coffee-drinking experience.

Upon opening the packet, the coffee hit me with dark cocoa hints and fruity and cherry aromas, further underlining the idea that this is a premium product everyone should enjoy. The solid and intense black coffee flavor is enhanced by unique sweet flavor notes that genuinely delight the taste buds. It is an exceptional brew, especially considering you can have it at home with or without a coffee maker.

At around $6.50 for a 12oz pouch, it’s hard to argue with the value for money either. Just two cups, compared to a morning trip to the coffee house, will pay for the cost of the packet itself. Anything extra is a financial saving that will make your coffee taste all the sweeter.

What Other People Say

Like me, most coffee enthusiasts who have tried the 1850 brand have complimented that Folger provides a coffee-drinking experience rather than just a drink. They also believe that the blend of smells and tastes is a winning combination, making it the new gem in Folger’s crown.

Many people seem to love every element, from the design to the cost. Crucially, though, the taste is incredible. Folgers was late to the whole beans party but has set the new gold standard.

Who Will Enjoy It?

The 1850 Black Gold blend is unquestionably one of the top products of its kind. Nonetheless, no single coffee blend is seen as the same by everyone. Black Gold is a deep, dark, and strong whole bean taste that is complemented by sweet coffee flavors that linger. This probably isn’t for you if you want a weak or bland coffee flavor profile that won’t provide a significant caffeine hit. Consider trying Folger’s Pioneer medium roast blend instead.

However, if you love the comforting hints and velvety feelings, the 1850 Black Gold is one of the best on the market. Whether it becomes your new morning coffee or one to be shared with friends or family on a Sunday afternoon, this is a winning solution in all situations.

Brewing Options

While the 1850 Black Gold blend can be brewed through instant methods, you can only get the best results using a french press or percolator. However, while you can add cream, the blend is equally perfect for being consumed as black coffee. The clue is in the name.

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1850 Black Gold Dark Review

There are many excellent coffees on the market, so I regularly hand out scores of 3 and 4 out of 5. However, it takes something special to secure the full five stars. The 1850 blend by Folger is faultless. It looks, smells, and tastes terrific, while even the package prepares you for the dark whole bean chocolatey goodness. So in my review, I have to give 1850 Black Gold Coffee 5 out of 5.

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