Airscape Coffee Canister Review (2023): Is It Worth It?

In this Airscape coffee canister review, we’ll expose the hype around this canister. Here’s what all coffee drinkers know:

The one thing better than coffee is more coffee. However, you don’t want to buy the beans in bulk only to start worrying about them going stale. 

One of the best ways to keep coffee beans fresh is to store them in a vacuum-sealed canister. The best coffee canisters ensuree the beans aren’t exposed to sunlight and oxygen, increasing the coffee’s shelf life and maintaining a good flavor. 

Below, we review the Airscape coffee canister—one of the top brands in the industry. We will evaluate Airscape’s design, size, durability, performance, cleaning, and overall value to help you decide if it suits you.  

Airscape Coffee Canister Reviews (What Others Think)

The table below shows how customers on Amazon rate Airscape’s features. 

Feature Ratings on Amazon (out of 5)

Keeping the coffee fresh


Ease of cleaning


Airtight storage




Quality of material


Airscape coffee container comes from Planetary Design, a company headquartered in Bonner, Montana. The brand strongly believes that coffee lovers don’t have to settle for instant or burnt coffee, which is why it invented the Airscape canister to preserve freshly-roasted coffee beans. 

The container is reusable and multi-functional. You can use it to store coffee beans or other dry goods like tea and spices. 

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Planetary Design was born in the early 90s. The long experience suggests that you can trust their product (Airscape). However, there’s no way to tell unless you have all the facts about Airscape at your fingertips, which you’re about to discover in this comprehensive review. 

That brings us to the big question; does the Airscape coffee canister keep what’s fresh today fresh tomorrow? 

“….Every time you open it, the coffee smells just like it did when the bag was first opened.”                                                                      

A verified buyer on the Planetary Design website

Understanding How Airscape Canister Works

Some coffee storage containers are airtight canisters, which lock air in with the coffee beans. As a result, coffee oxidation occurs to make the beans stale. 

Airscape coffee canister works differently. Instead of trapping the air inside the storage container, patented Airscape technology drives it out to preserve your coffee’s freshness and flavor. 

This is possible with the help of two lids; a clear, airtight top lid and an inner lid that drives air out of the canister. A combination of both minimizes the air in contact with your beans to prevent your beans from becoming stale.

Fun fact: You will hear a swooshing sound of air rushing out of the canister when you push the inner lid downwards. The sound reassures you you’re storing the coffee in an airless container to extend your bean’s freshness and taste. 

“….the function of the patented plunger lid is superb in removing air from the container. It’s so satisfying to hear the swoosh of the air being released from the can, knowing my beans will remain fresh until I use them.” 

A verified reviewer on Amazon.

Airscape Coffee Container: Best Features and Benefits

Airscape coffee container has the following fascinating features: 

Easy-to-Use Technology

Airscape’s simple design and intuitive technology make it easy to use. It only comes as a well-designed container with two lids. The inner lid fits tightly inside the container—you only have to push the lid down like a plunger to force air out and flip the handle to lock it. 

On the other hand, the outer lid is airtight to prevent air from entering the canister. 

The canister is easy to use, with NO batteries or filters to replace. You won’t have to deal with complicated valves or buttons. Just push down a simple lid and flip the handle to keep your coffee fresh for an extended period. 

Durable and Food-Friendly Build Quality

The Airscape coffee canister is made from 18/8 stainless steel. This material is long-lasting because it’s galvanized to prevent corrosion. 

The container’s material is free from harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A (BPA), making it suitable for storing coffee. The top and inner lids are all BPA-free, so you won’t worry about contaminating your coffee.  

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Additionally, Airscape’s stainless steel body is restaurant-grade and commonly used in commercial kitchens. The material resists stains and doesn’t retain odor to help maintain your coffee’s flavor and freshness. 

The Airscape coffee container has a rubber bottom to resist skidding. As a result, it prevents accidental falls, ensuring you don’t return to the market after a few weeks looking for a replacement. 

Sturdy and Stackable Design

Besides Airscape’s sturdy build quality, you can easily stack it for compact storage in your pantry. It’s also available in various sizes to suit different kitchen counters. Medium size can store approximately 1 lb (500g) of coffee beans. On the other hand, a small size holds a half-pound (250g) whole-bean coffee. 

Various Finishes 

Airscape is available in multiple colors to suit different kitchen setups. Choose from brushed brass, matte black, brushed steel, candy apple red, matte turquoise, obsidian, and mocha. The canister is available in multiple finishes, adding a pop of color to different kitchen counters. 

Easy to Clean

The stainless steel body doesn’t retain odor and resists stains, simplifying the cleaning process. You’ll need to occasionally wipe the seals on the lids to remove oil or dust build-up. The manufacturer recommends hand washing the interior of the canister. If you put it in a dishwasher, you could ruin the canister’s finish. 


  • Airscape coffee container allows you to store more than just coffee. Airscape is highly versatile in keeping different foods fresh such as cookies, sugar, flour, tea, seeds, and treats. It’s a single canister for multi-purpose storage. 
  • It’s available in multiple sizes and colors to suit different consumer needs.
  • Airscape is reasonably priced without compromising the storage quality. It’s better than most airtight containers because it drives air out rather than trapping it inside the canister. Check the price on amazon. 
  • The canister is easy to use. Instead of pumping out air every time you need to store your coffee, you push a plunger down to force air out of the can. 


  • The coffee container may easily scratch. 
  • Opening and closing the inner lid require some force. 
  • It’s hand-wash only. 

“Airscapes are the absolute best at keeping coffee beans fresh. Removing the air from the inside of a container is vital for a true air-tight seal. Highly recommended.”

AJ, a verified buyer on the Planetary Design

Why Is Airscape Coffee Canister Unique? 

Airscape technology preserves the taste and freshness of coffee when in storage. The canister from Planetary Design is more than an airtight coffee container. 

Airscape is an airless storage canister that forces out oxygen to preserve your coffee’s flavor for longer. The inner lid has a one-way CO2 valve to allow stored coffee beans to degas without allowing air inside the container. 

Store more than just coffee to ensure you don’t buy a different container for other goods like spices and tea. 

Is Airscape Coffee Container Worth the Money? 

An individual may think: Why do I need a coffee canister? Wouldn’t a sealed coffee bag do the job just as well? While this might be true, a coffee canister is more effective at keeping coffee beans fresh. 

The main culprits of coffee becoming stale are moisture, air, and light. They speed oxidation, causing the coffee to lose the pleasant aroma and complex flavors you love. The Airscape coffee container helps protect your coffee from air, light, and moisture. 

So, is the Airscape coffee canister worth the money? Yes, it is. It’s a small price to pay and preserve coffee freshness over the years. 

“Keeps coffee fresh. Even with daily use over the years, seals for vacuum and canister lid are good as new.”                                                                      

Warren Hausman verified the buyer on the Planetary Design.

5 Factors that Matter When Buying a Coffee Storage Container

Be careful when choosing a coffee storage container. If you select the correct one, you’ll enjoy a fresh and tasteful cup of joe daily. Conversely, you will regret and blame yourself for wasting money on a low-quality product if you pick the wrong storage canister. 

The factors below will help you choose the right product that lasts and satisfies your coffee storage needs: 

  • Is the container airtight? The best coffee storage canister should drive the air out of the container when you store coffee. The storage solutions should also prevent air from entering the canister. 
  • Does the canister keep the stored content dry? Moisture is one of the culprits that spoil stored coffee. Ensure the container’s design keeps beans dry by keeping them out of reach by moisture. 
  • Is the canister’s build quality durable? Stainless steel is a suitable material for a coffee storage container. Depending on the steel’s grade, the container won’t corrode to ensure you use it for an extended period without looking for a replacement. Steel also blocks light from reaching your coffee, which would deteriorate the quality of the beans. 
  • Choose a coffee storage container with a suitable capacity. You want a container that accommodates your coffee amount in a specific timeframe. Check your household’s serving size within your preferred time frame and match it with the canister’s capacity. Expect to pay more for larger coffee storage containers.
  • Check customer reviews and ratings. Find out online what people are saying about the product. Then, use what you learn to make an informed decision. 
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