Biggby Coffee Review for 2022

Biggby Coffee is a privately owned coffee franchise based in Michigan. There are around 235 locations across 8 states, each of which is locally owned and operated.


This company opened in 1995 and has been going strong ever since. Down below, we are going to be examining Biggby Coffee, taking a more detailed look at some of the things everyone wants to know before they head to a new coffee shop!

So, if you are interested in finding out what we thought about Biggby Coffee, keep reading down below.

Food That You Will Love

The first thing that we need to mention is that the food is absolutely incredible. Every item on the menu looks, smells, and tastes delicious, so you are certainly in for a treat if you come here and order something to eat.


Something that you should definitely try is the bagels because they are incredible! You can’t go wrong when you are ordering food from Biggby’s, if we could, we would have ordered the entire menu!


One of the big issues that we found with Biggby Coffee is that the prices are far too high. If you want a small hot chocolate, you are going to be paying $4.50 for this!


Now we know that above we said that the food is incredible, but not incredible enough to pay that price for a hot chocolate and then food on top of that. For some people, the high price is going to be off-putting and could be the deciding factor in them not coming to this establishment at all.

If you are heading out to a Biggby Coffee, do expect to pay a higher price than you would probably think, and make sure that you double-check the prices before you decide to purchase.

Great-Tasting Coffee

Even though it is a tad on the expensive side, the coffee here is great. If you are someone who loves coffee, then you are truly going to appreciate how incredible their coffee is when you taste it.

The variety of options is wonderful, so you don’t have to stick with the same old thing every time you visit if you don’t want to. You can try something new and branch out, see what new things you like and discover new flavors that you haven’t tried before.

All of the coffee, iced or otherwise is high-quality stuff, and you can taste this from the very first sip. You won’t be disappointed when you get your drink, of that we can be pretty sure.

Excellent Staff

The staff who work here are friendly and helpful, so you don’t have to worry about not being served with a smile. When you get to the cashier, you are greeted and have your order taken, but unlike in some places where you feel as though you are just going through the motions, the staff here put in a little more effort to talk to you.


This gives a much friendlier feel to the establishment and makes for an overall more pleasant visit.


The staff here can even offer you a points card that you can collect to get money off products when you have enough points. This is an excellent promotion run by the company, and great that the staff is actively engaging with the customers to hand out as many of these as they can.

Relaxed Environment

From the second you step into Biggby Coffee, you can feel the relaxed environment around you. Everyone there is just having a nice time, eating their food and drinking their drinks.


There is no pressure from the staff for you to clear off your table, even if it is busy. The whole place just has an environment of calm, even when the staff is rushed off their feet, they still find a way to keep a calm atmosphere for the customers who are there.

Thanks to this, it is a wonderful place to visit if you are looking for somewhere that you can just sit back and relax.


This is an excellent establishment, and apart from slightly high prices, it is certainly somewhere that people should consider going for their coffee or if they want a spot of lunch.

We hope that you have found this review helpful, and now have all the information that you need about Biggby Coffee. If you do decide to head here, make sure to try something off Biggby Coffee’s incredible food menu, you won’t be sorry that you did!