Black Rock Coffee Review 2021

If the word awesome can be applied to a coffee shop, Black Rock Coffee is definitely a good candidate. Through its very humane and transparent business philosophy, Black Rock is a place that brings together the best of what any coffee company should be and what a coffee bar should offer. They take coffee just as seriously as they also serve their neighborhoods’ communities thanks to their commitment to delivering the best coffee experience. 

Their products include some great coffee flavors, and, probably the best part of all, they have a secret menu of energy drinks. So yes, they offer products for all types of customers. Keep reading to learn more about their menu items and what makes them special. 

About Black Rock Coffee: What Makes It Different

Coffee shops are never just a place where people go and buy their coffee. They are places where people go and interact with others, start their day, or just go to take a break. Black Rock is no exception to this. Their commitment to serving their customers helps them meet even the highest expectations of what a coffee bar experience should be. 

One of the things I like the most about the store is that its menu is varied. Although it is not the most diverse coffee shop I’ve been to, it offers a good variety of hot and iced drinks, including a delicious white mocha that you definitely have to try. The menu items include both premium and classic coffee beverages, and they even have some coffeeless alternatives. 

Black Rock also has some blended drinks, of which I recommend you try the smoothie and chai chiller. Oh, and don’t forget to try out their juices and warm cocoa. Because yes, this is a very complete coffee shop. 

Coffee Shop Secret Menu

If you are not familiar with secret menus, this is something that some stores often do. It sort of gets the buzz going, and, above all, it is just fun. Instead of having all of their products on the traditional menu items list, the Black Rock Coffee Bar has a secret menu of energy drinks.

I highly recommend you ask for them when you go. If you are expecting to find out what the secret menu has, I am sorry to disappoint you. I don’t want to reveal the secret because I think you should find out for yourself.


The store is present in a number of states throughout the country, including Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, and Texas. Everywhere they have a store, communities get excited to have access to a unique Black Rock Coffee bar. 

Be sure to check their store locations every once in a while. They open stores every now and then, so don’t be surprised to find one next to you any time soon. 

Where to Buy

I definitely recommend you go to their stores. However, if that is not an option, you can also check out their online coffee shop. You will easily find some of their espresso medium roast, their dark roast, and their single-origin light roast. They even offer a decaf medium roast and a sweet medium roast alternative. I found it really interesting that they also have a charity option to buy a coffee with which you can help fund community water projects in developing countries. 

You can either buy different types of coffee, or you can also subscribe to receive the above-mentioned alternatives every so often. Their website is very intuitive, so you can easily purchase a Black Rock subscription to receive any whole bean or ground product of your choice, in a 12 oz presentation, and you can sign up to receive it every week, twice a month, or even once a month.

You can purchase a good variety of coffees, but you can also buy other stuff. For example, you can get a windbreaker with the name of the company printed on the back (for super die-hard fans), or you can also buy stickers and gift cards. They have some good stuff to always carry their brand with you.

Lastly, you can also buy through the Black Rock app. It is available in the Apple app store, and you can use it to order in advance or even get the latest offers. If none of these are definitely an option but you still want to try out some great coffee stores, you can also check out some popular coffee shops here.


Black Rock Coffee has some of the best coffee I have personally tried. I get excited every time I have the chance to go to one of their stores, and every now and then I order through their website. 
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