Tierra Mia Coffee Company Review for 2024

Tierra Mia Coffee – with a logo that states ‘the best coffee comes from my land’, they have a lot to live up to. With several locations across California, from LA to Orange County, Tierra Mia Coffee company, however, is perfectly located for anyone visiting or living within the state. Profiled in the Los Angeles …

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Summer Moon Coffee – Wood Fired Review 2024

Whether you’re visiting Texas or you’re a local, you’ve probably heard of Summer Moon Coffee. Established in 2004, this coffee shop has grown from its original location in Austin to 16 more franchises across the state. Family-owned, it’s a popular choice for both visitors and those living nearby to one of its 17 locations. Focusing …

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Rook Coffee Review for 2024

Rook Coffee was founded by childhood friends, Holly and Shawn, who decided to break away from the 9-5 confines of their corporate careers in 2010 to follow their passion for making people feel special, and they decided to do that through the magic of coffee. For Holly and Shawn, drinking coffee was about so much …

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Philz Coffee Shop Review for 2024

The idea for Philz Coffee Shop was born in 1978 by Phil Jaber, and it started in a completely different way to pretty much every other coffee shop you know. The whole thing was born from a convenience store. Phil purchased the store in 1978, and he had a simple ethos, and that was to …

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Intelligentsia Coffee Shop Review for 2024

Intelligentsia Coffee logo

If you live in Chicago, you’ll be familiar with Intelligentsia Coffee. While it is a name synonymous with Windy City, the company now has branches in New York, Los Angeles, and Texas while also selling a range of products for home brewing. Whether popping into the iconic first-ever Intelligentsia Coffee store in Chicago or one …

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Cahoots Coffee Bar (St Paul, MN) – CLOSED

Cahoots Coffee Bar review

UPDATE: Cahoots Coffee Bar officially CLOSED and was sold in June 2023. Luminary Coffeehouse is now in this location. Located in the thriving district of St Paul, Cahoots Coffee Bar is one of the Gopher State’s hottest coffee establishments, attracting hundreds of regulars and tourists daily. I visited the atmospheric bar in early November to …

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George and Willy Review for 2024

George and Willy Founders

George and Willy was founded by George Wilkins and Will McCallum. Friends since adolescence, the dynamic duo established George & Willy after working on a university design project, which involved creating a model helicopter. The initial brief to design the helicopter led to the development of a lamp and then a trestle table on which …

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Alfred Coffee Melrose Place Review (2024)

We visited Alfred Coffee on Melrose Place. This coffee shop is in a great location and has a laid-back vibe. The decor is also pretty cool. You can sit inside or outside, but the inside has limited seating. I decided to try their drip coffee because this is usually my gauge for testing coffee shops. …

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6 Best Coffee Shops in Boston for 2024

Are you looking for the best coffee shops in Boston for 2024? Well, look no further because you’ve come to the right place! Whether they specialize in hot or cold brews, these coffee places are ideal for relaxation, remote working, or meeting with friends. Boston might not seem like a quintessential coffee city, but I …

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