Caveman Coffee Review for 2021

Are you looking for honest Caveman Coffee Reviews, because you feel unsure if this coffee is worth your investment? My unbiased opinion about Caveman Coffee Co brand and its signature products will reveal all.


About Caveman Coffee Company

The Caveman Coffee Company is a brand that was launched in 2013 by athletes Tait Fletcher, Keith Jardine, and Lacie Mackey. Over the years, they have launched a wide range of products including cold brew coffee cans, MCT oil, teas, accessories, and even apparel.


However, their success is based largely on two single-origin blend dark roasts – Blacklisted, and Sabertooth – which are the products I purchased for this review.


An athletic background is evident in the sleek packaging as well as the lion logo that symbolizes strength, power, and smoothness – three words you could use to describe a good dark roast. So, does this translate to a good product?

Let’s find out.

What Caveman Coffee Co Says

The Caveman Coffee Company promotes itself as an ethical brand that uses ripe, hand-picked coffee beans for consistent quality. The brand states that “each bean is grown under the UTZ certification and Rainforest alliance protocols for sustainability and natural growing practices.” while all of their beans are imported from South America.


While dedicating themselves to luxuriously smooth tastes, the company also tries to tap into the benefits that their products can bring to a user’s daily life – whether it’s the “prehistoric ferocity” of their Sabertooth Roast or bold Blacklisted blend.

Caveman Coffee Review

Firstly, you cannot escape the fact that both the Blacklisted and Sabertooth 12oz bags are quite expensive, although the 5lb bags do offer better value for money if you’re going to use this as your early morning or pre-workout brew.

The Sabertooth blend is definitely the stronger of the two, which is noticeable even from the smell as you open the bag. This did get me quite excited while I used my French press in a bid to get the full flavor.


The whole beans certainly offer a strong, smooth taste that’s enjoyable. However, while the smoky tastes were evident, some of the campfire marshmallows, vanilla pipe tobacco, and toasted hazelnut hints were minimal.

I certainly felt energized and ready to attack the day, though, which is a huge positive.

Conversely, the nutty and woodsy hints of the Blacklisted blend are far more noticeable. The Colombian beans produce a different flavor to their Brazilian counterparts, but they still offer a smooth taste free from acidity.


While it is suggested that you may wish to add syrups and other items, I personally thought the Blacklisted blend was fine as it is. It was certainly my preference of the two, not least because it actually delivers the taste it promises.

What Other People Say

Reading what other coffee lovers have to say is an important part of my reviews as I like to check that my opinions are consistent with others. After all, we can all make poor decisions due to having other tastes in our mouths or because of poor brewing techniques.


The general consensus is that both blends offer a strong, bold, and smooth taste. Without pinpointing the confused flavor, very few mentioned the campfire marshmallow or vanilla pipe tobacco hints, suggesting my view was fairly accurate – although some did mention the toasted hazelnut.

Who Will Enjoy It?

The Caveman Coffee Company utilizes a background in sport, particularly combat sports, to promote itself to athletes as the ultimate blend to produce extra energy while promoting the lean and athletic appearance. Therefore, anyone that is conscious about their body image yet still wants a rich and smooth coffee will naturally enjoy the brand’s Blacklisted and Sabertooth products.

Its appeal extends beyond these audiences, though, to target anyone that loves a morning brew to prepare themselves for the day ahead. Of course, a hint of lemon peel, syrups and other ingredients can be added for a different taste.  this includes the company’s own cacao butter and MCT oil to follow the recipe of Dave Asprey (the man behind Bulletproof Coffee).

Brewing Options

The beans are suited to instant brewing by simply adding hot water, or can put through a filter. This is a matter of personal preference, although most will find the instant option is more convenient for those early morning brews.

Caveman Coffee Score

The Caveman Coffee Company knows its USP but, more importantly, appreciates the importance of fresh beans that offer a full and smooth flavor. As my review is aimed at all coffee lovers, I’ll give the Caveman Coffee a 3/5, but those of an athletic background can increase this to a 4.

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