Brewing Coffee with a Coffee Bag

Coffee bags is one of the more inventive ways to make coffee. This is one of the methods used in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.

You will need a coffee filter as well as some string. You will be creating a coffee bag, much like a tea bag, to use to make your coffee without a coffee maker.

  • Start with your coffee filter. Create a pouch in your hand: fold up the sides to allow a spoonful or two of coffee grounds to rest in the middle.
  • Hold the coffee filter flat in one hand, add the grounds to the center of it, and then pull up the edges of the filter to create a makeshift pouch. You will then need to tie the string around the edges of the coffee filter, holding the coffee within it.
  • Boil water. Getting the water to a rolling boil is important before moving forward.
  • Place the coffee bag into the cup, and slowly pour the water in.
  • Allow the water to seep into the coffee bag. Wait for at least 5 minutes. The longer you wait, the stronger the coffee will be. Move the coffee bag around using the string to help this process.
  • Discard the coffee bag. You can only use it one time to get the best results.

With this method, you will find it takes a bit of practice to get the grounds just right.