Coffee Commissary Review for 2024

Coffee Commissary is a relatively new addition and has very slowly found its place among coffee experts.

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Coffee Commissary started small and really went big quickly; they now have seven locations and a food truck equally as popular as every one of their coffee shops. The ability to grow so quickly was due in no small part to how greatly the community took to Coffee Commissary, and it’s one of the most well-visited spots in the entire city.

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Coffee Commissary Shop, What It’s Like?

There is just something enticing about Coffee Commissary from the moment you see it. However, while many coffee shops and cafes will happily opt for subtle, Coffee Commissary is not one of those places.

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One of the first things you cannot fail to notice is the name Coffee Commissary in neon strip lighting, and this grabs you and invites you in. However, once you open the front door, you are left with nothing but joy that you accepted the invite, and you are left open-mouthed at what’s in front of you.

commissary inside

Coffee Commissary has this incredible feeling when from the moment you enter, it’s very much like you have entered a diner from the future.

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The Coffee Commissary design team put some thought into each and every location. Whether it’s the hot pink and silver or the high ceilings and incredible floor design, something about this place will leave everybody enchanted, and that’s before you have even looked at the menu.

commissary menu

If you can bring yourself around from admiring your surroundings, you are greeted by a relatively generously sized menu that offers some light bites and a range of drinks.

Coffee Commissary is incredibly popular, and as with all great coffee shops, it can get very busy. So if you are looking for somewhere relaxing to take your laptop and study for the day, it’s going to be best to avoid the early morning rush as the locals love Coffee Commissary.

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While it may be hectic around the times, as you would expect, this had to have some of the best services around. It was quick, the staff was upbeat and chatting with everybody in the queue, and everybody was leaving looking happy.

commissary crowd

As far as attentive staff goes, this is remarkable that they keep so professional while making every customer feel welcome.

commissary staff

One of the most important factors for people visiting a coffee shop nowadays is how quickly they can get their order because let’s face it, we live in a busy world, and time can be incredibly precious.

On the other hand, if you are in a rush, it’s pleasing to know that there are plenty of places to sit. If there is one huge complaint from many of the coffee shops around, it’s the lack of seating.

commissary seating

The Coffee Commissary design team seems to have known this, and there is ample seating, and you won’t feel cramped into a corner either.

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Overall, Coffee Commissary, as far as coffee shops go, is impressive, there is a fantastic atmosphere, the prices are very fair, and the food looks great too. The only thing left to judge is the coffee.

The Coffee

As always, the most important thing we look at with every coffee shop is the coffee.

commissary vanilla latte

The first thing to notice here is that Coffee Commissary does not offer its own branded coffee; some people may not understand why a growing coffee shop wouldn’t do this. Generally, this is down to having their efforts concentrated elsewhere.

commissary coffee

When a coffee shop concentrates on things other than producing their blends, you generally find they put a lot of time and effort into selecting the coffee they sell and the coffee they use as the house blend.

When ordering my coffee, it was apparent that Tectonic coffee was the blend of choice, and this tells you a lot about the company just from this. If you aren’t familiar with the Tectonic ethos, you should go and check it out.


Tectonic coffee is one of my personal favorites, as it seems to tick a lot of boxes for me. The coffee itself is one of those that can punch aroma into the air from the very second you open the bag.


If you are familiar with the Tectonic coffee flavor, not only is it intense, but it’s incredibly satisfying.

While part of me was disappointed not to try a new blend, another part of me was thrilled that such a fantastic coffee shop served such a wonderful blend.

commissary pour-over

While drinking coffee in Coffee Commissary, there were many rumors among the locals that this was the best pour-over in town, and oh hell, they were right. It was apparent that the grind was perfect, and the flavor that came through was like a party in my mouth.

What Others Say

The general opinion of the Coffee Commissary is that of complete love. People remark about the tea, coffee, food, and even the look of the place.

commissary flatlay

The one thing that seems to be of mention more than anything else is customer service. The employees are essential to how successful Coffee Commissary has been and will be in the future.

It would come as no surprise to see more locations open up soon, and given the popularity, it would also not be a shock to see more food trucks. This post hasn’t mentioned the food truck, but this is also popular among the public.

commissary food truck2

The food truck has a vast menu and produces some of the most fantastic truck food you can imagine. So, whether it’s my opinion or that of the public, Coffee Commissary is worth a visit as it’s like heading to a whole new world.

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