Coffee Shop Graveyard

Did you know that 62% of local coffee shops close within their first five years, and a heartbreaking 17% don’t survive their first year (source)?

That’s why we created this page.

Welcome to the Coffee Shop Graveyard, a digital monument paying homage to those who dared to pursue their passion and carve a niche in the bustling world of coffee. This is not a celebration of failure but an acknowledgment of effort, determination, and dreams that once filled the air with the alluring aroma of freshly ground coffee.

CountryState / ProvinceCityCoffee ShopYear ClosedSource
USACaliforniaAltadenaThe Coffee Gallery Backstage2023Link
USAMinnesotaNorth MankatoNeutral Groundz2023Link
USANorth CarolinaHendersonvilleThe 2nd Act2023Link
USAOhioLyonsBeebz Coffee and Bakery2023Link
CanadaOntarioNorlandCoffee Caravan 352023Link
USAFloridaJacksonvilleGood Chi Coffee2023Link
USAVirginiaWaynesboroFarmhaus Coffee Co.2023Link
USAColoradoFort CollinsEveryday Joe’s Coffee House2023Link
USAWashingtonSeattleYoungstown Coffee2023Link
USAArizonaMt LemmonMt. Lemmon Coffee Bean2023Link
USAIllinoisPeoriaFaire Coffee2023Link
USACaliforniaSan FranciscoPhilz Coffee2023Link
USAOhioHarrisonJust Brew Coffee2023Link
CanadaBritish ColumbiaVancouverJJ Bean2023Link
USAMinnesotaRochester (2), BloomingtonFiddlehead Coffee Co. (3 Locations)2023Link
USATexasPlanoGolden Boy Coffee & Wine Bar2023Link
CanadaBritish ColumbiaVancouverBuro2023Link
USAWashingtonSeattleEspresso Vivace Sidewalk Bar2023Link
USALouisianaLafayetteJohnston Street Java2023Link
USAVirginiaAlexandriaVoilà Pastry & Café2023Link
USAOhioColumbusColin’s Coffee2023Link
USAWashingtonSeattleResistencia Coffee2023Link
USAPennsylvaniaWest ReadingBenchwarmers Coffee & Doughnuts2023Link
USAAlabamaMobileSatori Coffee House2023Link
USATexasTylerWood & Bean2023Link
USAWashingtonSeattleKaladi Brothers Coffee2023Link
USAMarylandBaltimoreCommon Ground2023Link
USAOklahomaTulsa918 Coffee2023Link
CanadaBritish ColumbiaSquamishZephyr Cafe2023Link
USACaliforniaSan FranciscoHRD Coffee Shop2023Link
USAMontanaClancyClancy Country Coffee2023Link
USAIllinoisPeoriathirty-thirty Coffee Co.2023Link
USAMissouriCape GirardeauSpeakeyzy Coffee2023Link
USAOklahomaNormanMichelangelo’s Coffee & Wine Bar2023Link
USACaliforniaOaklandPeet’s Coffee2023Link
CanadaBritish ColumbiaVancouverBel Café2023Link
USAColoradoDenverCoffee at The Point2023Link
USAVermontMiddleburyLost Monarch Coffee2023Link
USAOregonPortlandCoava Coffee2023Link
CanadaOntarioTorontoThe Anarchist2023Link
USAMissouriSt LouisGather Cafe2023Link
USACaliforniaSanta CruzTabby Cat Cafe2023Link
USAConnecticutHartfordBlue State Coffee2023Link
USAMissouriSt LouisKitchen House Coffee2023Link
USAMissouriSt LouisOliver’s Coffee2022Link
USAMissouriSt LouisRise Coffee House2022Link
USAMissouriSt LouisSoulard Coffee Garden2022Link
USANew YorkNYCCompilation Coffee2022Link
USAMassachusettsCambridgeDarwin’s Ltd.2022Link
USAIllinoisSpringfieldFree Press Coffee House2020Link
USAMissouriSt LouisLaclede Coffee Co2010Link

We are deeply cognizant that running a coffee shop is an art steeped in perseverance, imbued with an entrepreneur’s dream, and painted with the craftsmanship of a barista. It’s far more than just serving a cup of coffee; it’s about fostering community, creating an atmosphere, and providing a haven for conversations, meetings, and moments of solitary reflection.

“The average cost to open a single coffee shop with seating is between $80,000-$300,000.” – Toast

To venture into the world of coffee is to navigate a labyrinth of complexities. It is a world where fluctuating coffee prices, quality beans, the ideal grind, the perfect water temperature, and the brewing method play a pivotal role. It’s a daily battle against the industry giants while maintaining authenticity, an uphill climb of managing overheads against fluctuating customer footfall, and maintaining consistent quality and service in the face of unforeseen challenges.

“The average profit for a cafe ranges between 2.5% (Chron estimate) and 6.8% (Specialty Coffee Association study).” – Bellwether Coffee

The cost of rent, equipment, beans, dairy, employee wages, and countless other hidden expenses often undermine the entrepreneurial spirit. Moreover, the task becomes exponentially difficult when local coffee shops try to compete with large chains that benefit from economies of scale, have sophisticated supply chains, and have greater advertising budgets.

There are active 38,411 coffee shops in the United States as of 2022 (source).

Even with the perfect blend of passion, skill, and resilience, external factors can pull the rug from underneath the most dedicated proprietors. Factors like changing consumer preferences, demographic shifts, economic downturns, and even global pandemics can prove insurmountable, pushing these beautiful, quaint, and unique places to become a part of our “Coffee Shop Graveyard.”

It’s important to remember, though, that each entry here signifies a dream that was pursued. Each of these coffee shops, now silent, once buzzed with energy and offered its unique interpretation of coffee. They were once the place someone chose to spend their first date, to meet an old friend, or to savor a good book. These places offered comfort in a cup and a smile across the counter.

This “Coffee Shop Graveyard” is not just a remembrance of businesses that have passed but a testament to the human spirit – its ambition, creativity, resilience, and endless pursuit of passion. While no longer with us, these coffee shops continue to inspire and remind us that success is not merely staying afloat but having dared to sail.

So, as you peruse this page, we invite you to do so with a sense of respect, appreciation, and a warming sip of your favorite brew as we celebrate the undying spirit of coffee entrepreneurship.

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Nathan is the founder of The Darkest Roast (featured in the NY Times, Yahoo, and Tasting Table). He is a self-taught coffee expert and has tried 100s of coffees from around the world. Nathan's goal is to help you find the best coffee, so you only drink the best.