Copper Moon Sumatra Blend Coffee Review (2023)

Finding the right blend of coffee to awaken your senses every morning is a complex dance of aroma, texture, taste, and cost. Among the many options available to the discerning coffee drinker, Copper Moon Sumatra Blend Coffee is a serious contender, aiming to offer an affordable yet enjoyable coffee experience. 

Although this blend does not aspire to achieve the lofty heights of gourmet brewing, it does deliver a satisfactory coffee experience that pairs nicely with its price point. So, let’s delve deeper into the intricacies of this blend to see what it has in store for us.

Copper Moon Sumatra Blend Coffee Breakdown

1. True Roast: The Medium-Dark Mystery (3/5)

Marketed as a medium to dark roast, Sumatra Blend Coffee tends to favor the medium end of the roast spectrum. While this blend lacks the robustness you might expect from a dark roast, it presents a smooth, consistent roast that lacks the intensity true dark roast lovers might seek.

Although it doesn’t entirely live up to its dark roast claims, the coffee provides an enjoyable medium roast experience, earning it a True Roast score of 3. This might disappoint enthusiasts who cherish deep, intense flavors, but for those who prefer a more mellow profile, this blend strikes the right note.

2. Body: The Middle Ground (3/5)

Moving on to the body of the coffee, the Sumatra Blend treads the middle path. It’s not excessively rich enough to weigh down your palate, but it doesn’t water down into a weak, disappointing mouthfeel. 

Its medium body, characteristic of a medium roast, is sufficiently satisfying, earning it a Body score of 3. Although it might not satisfy the craving for a bold, rich coffee experience, it caters perfectly to the needs of an average coffee drinker who seeks a standard coffee drinking experience without too much fuss.

3. Flavor: Simple Pleasures (3/5)

In the realm of flavor, this blend brings forth a delightful surprise. Subtle fruit notes, intertwined with the classic coffee taste, impart a unique freshness to each sip. However, the flavor profile leans more towards simplicity rather than complexity, offering an uncomplicated but pleasant experience, which justifies a Flavor score of 3. 

While seasoned coffee aficionados seeking complex layers of flavor might find this blend a bit flat, casual coffee drinkers will appreciate its straightforward, enjoyable taste.

4. Acidity: Smooth Sailings (2/5)

Acidity plays a critical role in defining the overall coffee experience, and this is where the medium roast of the Sumatra Blend could have shined. The blend could have provided a delicate balance of sharpness and smoothness. 

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However, it sways more towards the smooth side, lacking the refreshing tang to offer a well-rounded profile. Its lack of acidity contributes to an Acidity score of 2. While individuals with sensitive stomachs might find the low acidity appealing, those who enjoy a bit of a zesty bite might find this blend too smooth for their liking.

5. Aftertaste: Subtlety in the Finish (2/5)

A coffee’s aftertaste can often be the make or break factor, the final note that either uplifts the experience or leaves you wanting more. The Sumatra Blend offers an aftertaste that is subtle and fleeting. 

It does not linger, and those who love a robust aftertaste may feel slightly let down, leading to an Aftertaste score of 2. That being said, for casual coffee drinkers who don’t want their coffee to overstay its welcome, this blend provides a gentle, fleeting finish that could be seen as a plus point.

6. Price to Quality Ratio: The Affordability Factor (4/5)

Lastly, we turn to the critical question of price. At $0.53 per ounce, the Copper Moon Sumatra Blend Coffee presents itself as a budget-friendly option for a daily brew. 

While it doesn’t offer the luxurious experience of a high-end coffee, its quality reasonably matches its price, making it a fair investment for the average coffee drinker. Therefore, it bags a Price to Quality Ratio score of 4. This proves that an enjoyable cup of coffee doesn’t always have to pinch your pocket.

Copper Moon Sumatra Blend Final Score: 2.8

Considering all the facets of this coffee, the Copper Moon Sumatra Blend Coffee ends up with a final score of 2.8. This situates it as a practical, affordable choice for everyday coffee drinkers. It might not offer a gourmet coffee experience with its straightforward flavor, medium body, and smooth acidity. 

Still, it does represent a worthy contender in the daily coffee market. This blend leans towards pragmatism over extravagance and serves the needs of the average coffee drinker quite well, proving that a good everyday brew doesn’t necessarily have to burn a hole in your wallet.

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