Dollop Coffee Review for 2024

Dollop Coffee started out as a small cafe in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago many years ago, and since then has come a great distance.

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Dollop Coffee has made it from a small, local cafe to a 14-site monster and is growing more with every passing year. Dollop Coffee has its own blend, which is roasted in-house, and they are incredibly proud of the Dollop Coffee bakeshop.

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The bakeshop has been one of the most recent additions, and they make everything from fresh pastries to bread 24 hours a day. The addition of the bakeshop to the ever-growing empire is all thanks to a partnership with Paula Haney of Hoosier Mama.

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For Dan Weiss, the owner of Dollop Coffee, the future is looking incredibly bright, and with 7 Dollop Blends, 14 locations, and a presence that is taking over Chicago, there is no telling what could be next for Dollop Coffee.

Dollop Coffee Shop, What It’s Like?

If there is one thing you can guarantee when you walk into Dollop, it’s that you will be instantly struck by the amazing vibe you get from the moment you open the door.

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When you make an entrance into Dollop, it’s like you have walked into a completely different world; they seem to have an uncanny knack for delivering this welcoming, upbeat, and positive vibe before you have even made it to the counter.

One of the possible reasons for this amazing vibe is probably the interior. It’s apparent that a lot of effort and thought goes into the design of the coffee shops and kudos to the design team that has taken some significant risks with the interior.

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While a lot of coffee shops opt for generic warm colors with flat designs, Dollop has gone all out.

The decor is vibrant and welcoming, and while some of the colors would generally appear to have a cold feeling in most environments, that really isn’t the case with Dollop. The silvers are complimented perfectly by stylish, warm woods, and the lighting adds to the atmosphere too.

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Now, let’s get into the details, firstly, the menu is very impressive, it matters not whether you are looking for a cold drink or food there is a wide choice and something to suit everybody. The breakfasts at Dollop seem to be an incredibly popular choice, and the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit looks amazing.

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After some examination of such a large menu, you are then faced with an issue, as with most popular coffee shops, the queue is always quite sizeable, but what is most surprising is the wait time. Dollop Coffee staff are amazing and work together like a well-oiled machine to ensure everybody is served quickly.

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Now, while everybody may get served quickly, you may be forgiven for thinking that this means you do not get the best customer service, yet again, this is another shock. The staff at Dollop Coffee are friendly, and helpful, and nothing is too much trouble.

Before we get into the coffee review, one thing that should be mentioned is that, if you are looking for somewhere to sit and enjoy your coffee or food, you may be hard-pressed.

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Dollop Coffee is incredibly popular, and this means it’s busy all day, every day. You will never have trouble getting served quickly, but you may have trouble if you are looking for a table.

The Coffee

It would not be a fair review of the shop if the coffee wasn’t scrutinized to the best of our ability, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen in this section.

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Dollop Coffee is extremely proud to serve its own blends, and when it comes to the coffee they serve, it really isn’t so bad at all. In fact, this coffee is quite impressive when you take into account that this company didn’t exist 15 years ago.

While this coffee isn’t incredible, it really is something else when if you pitch it against a company like Starbucks, you get some incredible undertones from the coffee. It’s clean and crisp with minimum bitterness and a fine deep-seated berry flavor, and this was just from the coffee available there.

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This inspired me to purchase the Dollop Coffee Berried Alive blend, and this truly was a great purchase. The first surprising thing was the price, Dollop Coffee charge $16.50 for a 12oz pouch of this blend and to be honest, whether it’s worth it or not is debatable.

When you first open the packet, you are punched in the face with a wonderful berry and fudge hint. This really helps set the standard and make a bold initial claim that what you are holding is truly a premium coffee, the truth, however, is in the tasting.

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At this point is where debate is held, after such a grand opening, you really expect something marvelous, and while the coffee is delicious, it could be considered underwhelming by some. Compared to a lot of coffees, it really stands up and holds its own, but it may just be a little expensive for what it is.

Overall, the coffee isn’t too bad at all and is definitely worth a taste. What can be said though is this, when you combine this coffee with the atmosphere and the vibe of the coffee shop, you undoubtedly have a winner.

What Others Say

It’s obvious that other people love Dollop Coffee, that’s more than apparent from the second you walk into any of their branches.

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The customers you find are generally returning, and they seem to love the food, the coffee, and the service they receive. The atmosphere is one of the biggest things that draws people back time and time again, and you only have to see a few online reviews to see how apparent that is.

All in all, it’s unsurprising that Dollop Coffee has gained so much popularity among the masses; it would come as no surprise to see it grow even more in the coming years.

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