Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee Review for 2024

As an independent coffee reviewer, I have the distinct pleasure and task of diving into the world of coffee – exploring and tasting – and sharing my insights with fellow coffee enthusiasts. Today, the spotlight is on Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee. Let’s dive into the details!

Dunkin’ Midnight Breakdown

Navigating the coffee landscape can often be challenging, with so many brands, varieties, and brewing methods to choose from. Dunkin’, a well-known American multinational coffee and doughnut company, has always been a big player in the coffee industry. Their Midnight Coffee is positioned as a dark roast offering, promising a bold flavor to its drinkers.

1. True Roast (2/5): Falling Short of the Dark Roast Claim

One crucial aspect that distinguishes one coffee from another is the roast level. A dark roast is expected to deliver a deep, intense flavor with an aroma that fills the room and rich, inviting color. The Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee, marketed as a dark roast, fell short in this category.

Although the packaging confidently states “dark roast,” it doesn’t quite deliver on this promise. Instead, the coffee lacks the pronounced, robust character that should set a dark roast apart from its medium and light roast cousins. It misses the mark on the richness, depth, and complexity that fans expect from a dark roast, hence earning a score of 2.

2. Body (1/5): The Surprisingly Weak Component

In the world of coffee, the body refers to the physical properties of the beverage, specifically how it feels in the mouth. Dark roasts are expected to present a thick, velvety, and almost creamy mouthfeel – the kind that engulfs your senses and takes you on a flavorful journey.

However, the Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee was disappointingly thin and watery. It lacked the much-anticipated heaviness and satisfying thickness that dark roast enthusiasts would expect. Instead of a thick, rich brew, the coffee felt light and almost insubstantial, so I am giving it a score of just 1 for the body.

3. Flavor (3/5): A Slight Redemption

After the disappointments in the true roast and body categories, I found a silver lining when it came to the flavor of Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee. It isn’t an explosion of tastes and complexities, but the flavor profile is passable.

This coffee carries some hints of sweetness that come as a pleasant surprise, making it more palatable than the initial impressions suggested. The flavor isn’t as intricate or intense as one might expect from a premium dark roast. Still, the subtlety of the sweet notes provides a certain charm, warranting a score of 3 for flavor.

4. Acidity (5/5): Perfection in a Cup

When it comes to acidity, Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee is on point. Dark roasts should have minimal acidity, and this coffee delivered perfectly on that front. Acidity, in coffee terms, refers to the sharp, bright qualities found primarily in light and medium roast coffees. It’s the component that gives the coffee its “kick.”

Despite the earlier misgivings, the absence of acidity in Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee aligns with its dark roast profile. This coffee is virtually devoid of any acidic sharpness, making it an easy sip, particularly for those who find acidity off-putting. As such, it receives a perfect score of 5 for acidity.

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5. Aftertaste (4/5): A Pleasant Surprise

The aftertaste, or the taste left lingering in the mouth after swallowing, is another crucial aspect of the coffee-tasting experience. Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee delivers quite well in this area, offering an above-average lingering taste.

While it doesn’t have the strength and staying power of some premium coffees, its aftertaste is fairly pleasant. It’s not overly bitter or harsh, instead leaving a hint of sweetness behind that is rather enjoyable. For this reason, I give it a score of 4 for the aftertaste.

6. Price to Quality Ratio (3/5): Fair Value for the Money

With a price per ounce of $0.60, Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee sits comfortably in the mid-range price category. When we consider its overall quality, it presents a fair price to quality ratio. It’s not the best coffee I’ve reviewed, but it’s not the worst.

Given its taste profile, lack of acidity, and somewhat satisfying aftertaste, some coffee drinkers might find it provides value for money, especially if they are looking for a non-acidic coffee with hints of sweetness. Therefore, it earns a score of 3 in the price to quality ratio department.

Dunkin’ Midnight Final Score: 3.0

The final score, calculated by averaging all the individual scores, comes to 3.0. This puts Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee squarely in the average range. It may not impress hardcore dark roast lovers due to its lack of robustness and body, but its okay flavor profile, lack of acidity, and pleasant aftertaste might find favor with those who prefer a softer, less acidic brew.

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Remember, coffee is a highly personal experience, and everyone’s tastes differ. Perhaps the Dunkin’ Midnight Coffee could be the perfect fit for your taste buds, or maybe not. The only way to find out is to try it for yourself. Happy brewing!

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