Eight O’Clock Coffee Dark Italian Espresso Review for 2024

Welcome to another in-depth coffee review where we bring you all the highs and lows of a popular brew, helping you find the perfect cup of joe to start your day. Today, we’re focusing our taste buds on a household name in the coffee industry – Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Dark Italian Espresso.

About the Brand

Before diving into the review, let’s take a moment to recognize the brand behind this blend. Eight O’Clock Coffee has been around for over 150 years, perfecting their coffee craft. Known for their affordable range of quality coffee, they’ve certainly carved out a space for themselves in the American coffee landscape. Now, let’s see how their Dark Italian Espresso holds up.

Eight O’Clock Coffee Dark Italian Espresso Breakdown

1. True Roast (5/5): A Dark Delight

One aspect of Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Dark Italian Espresso that immediately stands out is the True Roast. In coffee terms, ‘roast’ refers to the process of heating green coffee beans, which ultimately influences the taste of your brew.

This dark roast delivers on its promise, hitting those deep, toasted notes characteristic of a true Italian Espresso. It’s robust and bold, capturing the essence of traditional dark roast espresso. The result? A satisfyingly rich cup of coffee and a perfect score in this category.

2. Body (5/5): Thicker Than Most

The term ‘body’ refers to the perceived weight and texture of the coffee in your mouth. This espresso boasts a full-bodied experience, lending to its ‘thick’ feel, typical for dark roasts.

The texture is smooth and velvety, leaving a strong impression on the palate. It feels substantial and robust in the mouth, a sensation all too familiar to dark coffee enthusiasts. A perfect score is only fitting for such a well-rounded experience.

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3. Flavor (2/5): Less Than Expected

Unfortunately, Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Dark Italian Espresso doesn’t perform as well regarding the flavor. Espresso is known for its complex flavors. While this brew certainly has strong dark chocolate and wood notes, it lacks the variety of flavor profiles typically found in a quality dark roast espresso.

The simplicity of flavor may be good for the less adventurous. Still, for the more experienced coffee lover, it can feel a bit plain. Therefore, it scores a mere 2/5 in this category.

4. Acidity (2/5): Surprisingly Sharp

Acidity is another crucial factor in coffee tasting. When balanced correctly, it can add a pleasant brightness and clean finish to your cup. However, in this Dark Italian Espresso, the acidity levels are higher than expected for a dark roast.

Instead of a mellow and smooth finish, there’sa noticeable sharpness can feel a bit jarring, especially if you’re expecting a more low-acid experience synonymous with dark roasts. Its high acidity earns it a 2/5 score here.

5. Aftertaste (2/5): A Bitter End

The aftertaste, or finish, is what lingers after you swallow your coffee. It’s the final impression and, ideally, should be a pleasant echo of the brew’s main characteristics.

Sadly, this coffee fails to leave a pleasant aftertaste. Its strong, bitter, lingering note can be rather off-putting, reducing the overall enjoyment of the coffee-drinking experience. With room for improvement in this category, the Dark Italian Espresso gets a 2/5.

6. Price to Quality Ratio (4/5): Affordable Enough

Despite some shortcomings, the Eight O’Clock Coffee Dark Italian Espresso offers reasonable value for its price. Priced at $0.43 per ounce, it’s an affordable option that delivers a full-bodied experience and true dark roast.

If you’re a budget-conscious coffee drinker who appreciates a bold coffee and doesn’t mind a lack of flavor variety, this could be an excellent pick. Considering its characteristics, the reasonable cost earns this espresso a 4/5 in the price-to-quality ratio.

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Eight O’Clock Coffee Dark Italian Espresso Final Score: 3.3

In the world of coffee, there are countless flavors, textures, and tastes to explore, and Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Dark Italian Espresso is certainly one of them. Its bold body and perfect dark roast are admirable, but the lack of flavor complexity, higher-than-expected acidity, and subpar aftertaste slightly taint the overall experience.

However, the affordable price makes it an accessible choice for those willing to compromise. While it may not be the coffee connoisseur’s first choice, it can serve as an everyday coffee for those on a budget who appreciate a good, robust body and accurate roast level.

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