Epoch Coffee Review for 2024

Epoch Coffee – Not Your Typical Coffee House (& That’s A Good Thing)

Are you bored with run-of-the-mill coffee, and dull coffee shop clones that all look alike? Well, if so, then the next big thing in coffee in the Austin area, Epoch Coffee may be the answer to your prayers.

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A small independent chain with four separate Epoch locations around the city where you can indulge your love of the bean. Although, if you like to know what to expect before you arrive, then our comprehensive review below is just what you need.


Many people like to talk about the atmosphere of the places they are reviewing before anything else. Of course, it is not that the vibe of a coffee shop isn’t essential; it surely is.

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It’s just this is a coffee website, and in reference to the bean, we like to deal with the quality of the liquid refreshments that are on offer first!

Now, as you may be aware, Epoch is not your typical coffee shop. This means in addition to the classic drinks like espresso, and mochas, you can also get some pretty outstanding specialty beverages as well.

epoch cortado

Although if you think its’ a powerful little shot of the black stuff, then the cortado is bound to hit the spot!

One beverage, in particular, you need to try is their signature drink which is known as an Iced Mojo. A great big creamy, nutty cold brew coffee that packs some serious punch.

epoch iced mojo

In fact, some folks find it a little too punchy. Fortunately, if this is the case for you, there is no need to miss out on this delicious cold brew treat, because you can ask for a half iced mojo to cut the caffeine content instead.

Of course, the iced mojo won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (or should I say coffee). Still, there is no need to panic!

After all, there is a far greater selection of tasty caffeine-infused treats to try, such as the lavender latte and even the Dirty Chai Latte. The latter is a chai latte caffeinated with a shot of espresso.

epoch chai latte

This is a drink that combines all the delicious spices of a Chai Latte along with the staying power of a good old express shot!


Next, I feel compelled to mention the staff at Epoch, because not only do they really know their coffee, but boy, are they a happy and helpful bunch! Of course, there’s a reason for their positive attitude.

epoch staff

It’s because Epoch breaks the mold when taking care of its employees. Just like it does with its coffee.

In fact, Epoch encourages its staff to fulfill their creativity in all manner of ways, from drawing and painting to music and of course, baking. They even host exhibits, especially for those that work for them to take part in, which is excellent news for customers in two ways.

epoch staff2

First that it makes for much happier baristas, and second, they get to see all the awesome art that these talented people produce as well!

Food and snacks

Ever get a little peckish when drinking coffee? Well, that’s no problem at Epoch because they offer a range of snacks and sweet treats.

epoch food

Although some are probably not ones that you might expect to see in a coffee establishment.

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about delicious pizza, sold by the slice, in a coffee shop. It’s Eastside Pie Pizza too, so you know it’s good!

epoch pizza

Oh, that combo of coffee and pizza aromas is worth a visit on its own. Bellissimo!

Of course, if you are after something a little sweeter, then you’ll find a range of typical pastries and cookies, and (obviously) some not-so-typical ones too. We’re talking about delicious veggie-friendly gluten-free bakery goods here which I have on good authority are supplied by the musician-owned, wonderfully named, feminist Bakery Zucchini Kills!

epoch cookies


Some people go to coffee shops for coffee, but others go for the vibe, man! Of course, this means that the atmosphere is one of the most important things to get right, and Epoch certainly does not disappoint in this area.

epoch outside

In fact, the vibe is decidedly Boho artsy, without being pretentious or precocious. While the decor ranges from cozy and eclectic at North Loop to a modern industrial look at Epoch Far West.

epoch inside2

All of this makes for delightful spaces in which to while away a few hours supping in a brew and reading a good old-fashioned newspaper. Yes, they still exist!

In fact, in the NL location, you will find a haven for the intelligence, the art crowd, and students alike. With plenty of reading material and games to digest under the vintage lighting.

epoch inside

In fact, many freelancers, students, and writers with deadlines that need coffee right now also like to make use of Epoch’s fast Wifi and ample seating across all of their locations.

Those of you that much prefer to consume your caffeine in the great outdoors will be pleased to note that some of the shops have outdoor patio areas, as well. This means you can happily take Fido along for a visit if you‘d like.

epoch woof

Entertainment/Community involvement

Finally, when it comes to fun, entertainment, and a real sense of community involvement, Epoch is most definitely winning. In fact, the most prominent example of this is the many and ever-changing artists whose work they display in each shop.

epoch inside3

Epoch’s community involvement doesn’t stop there. In fact, you will regularly find them hosting events such as pop-up markets where they offer live music, and wellness activities such as yoga, and encourage local vendors to sell their wares.

You will also find that they aren’t shy about getting behind a good cause, either. Whether it’s a local one like the fundraising effort for poor pup Emmy Lou Blue, or even collecting and posting of numerous clemency letters relating to the Rodney Reed case.

epoch emmy lou

It certainly does make Epoch not just your typical coffee shop, in a very good way indeed.

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