Four Sigmatic Think Organic Mushroom Coffee Review (2024)

In the ever-expanding universe of gourmet coffee, it’s not unusual to stumble upon blends that push the boundaries of the traditional coffee experience. One such unique blend is the Four Sigmatic’s Think Organic Mushroom Coffee. This dark roast coffee is a bold fusion of robusta coffee and Lion’s Mane mushroom, a blend designed to enhance focus and productivity.

However, as a coffee enthusiast, I know that the real test lies not just in the intriguing blend of ingredients but primarily in its flavor, body, and overall coffee experience it delivers. I had a chance to put this unique coffee blend through its paces. Here’s a detailed rundown of my findings.

Four Sigmatic Think Organic Mushroom Coffee Breakdown

1. True Roast: Embracing the Darkness (4/5)

The first attribute on my checklist is the ‘True Roast.’ In other words, does the coffee live up to its claimed roast level? Four Sigmatic labels their Mushroom Coffee as a dark roast. After brewing and tasting,

I can confidently say that the coffee does justice to its label. The coffee delivers a deep, intense flavor, echoing the robust character of a genuine dark roast. Each sip feels like a journey into a dense, dark forest, adding an element of adventure to your regular coffee experience.

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2. Body: A Slight Let Down (2/5)

The body, or the ‘mouthfeel’ of the coffee, is where Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee didn’t quite hit the mark for me. A dark roast usually promises a rich and full-bodied texture.

Unfortunately, this coffee felt thin, lacking the anticipated robustness and richness. The experience was akin to expecting a full orchestral symphony and receiving a solo performance. It was good but did not deliver the fullness characteristic of dark roasts.

3. Flavor: A Complex Story (3/5)

The flavor of this coffee blend tells a complex tale. The dark chocolate undertones and the woody notes present an enjoyable combination. It almost feels like you’re biting into a chunk of high-quality dark chocolate while walking through a lush forest, feeling the fresh, earthy aroma of the trees.

However, the experience was somewhat marred by a pronounced burned flavor. The lack of any discernible sweetness further detracted from the overall flavor profile. The flavor comes off as more bitter than expected, leaving a bit to be desired.

4. Acidity: Perfectly Balanced (5/5)

On the other hand, the acidity of this coffee was spot on. For those unaware, good coffee should have a balance of flavors, and acidity plays a key role in it. It should complement and counterbalance the robust nature of a dark roast without overpowering it. Four Sigmatic’s coffee does exactly this. The acidity is just right, adding a touch of brightness to an otherwise robust blend.

5. Aftertaste: A Memorable Finish (4/5)

The aftertaste, or the flavor that lingers after you’ve taken a sip, is another highlight of this blend. It leaves a lasting impression of dark chocolate and woody notes. However, the slightly burned aftertaste does dampen the experience slightly. Nevertheless, the aftertaste is largely pleasant and will have you reaching for your cup for another sip.

6. Price to Quality Ratio: The Elephant in the Room (1/5)

The most significant caveat of Four Sigmatic’s coffee is its price. At $1.25 per ounce, it sits on the higher end of the price spectrum. Given the overall quality, flavor profile, and experience, I found the price difficult to justify.

Coffee enthusiasts expect a certain level of quality and enjoyment when they pay a premium. In this case, several other options in the market deliver comparable or even better experiences at a more affordable price point.

Four Sigmatic Think Organic Mushroom Coffee Final Score: 3.2

Four Sigmatic’s Think Organic Mushroom Coffee is an interesting blend that may appeal to coffee lovers seeking to venture off the beaten path. It succeeds in delivering a true dark roast with well-balanced acidity and a lingering, mostly enjoyable aftertaste. It falls short in its body, some aspects of its flavor, and the price-to-quality ratio.

It’s worth considering if you’re drawn to the unique addition of Lion’s Mane mushroom and are ready to pay a premium for it. But this may not be your best bet if you’re seeking the best bang for your buck. Some alternatives on the market offer a more complete package at a more budget-friendly price.

In conclusion, while the Four Sigmatic Think Organic Mushroom Coffee offers a unique twist to your regular cup of joe, it does come with a few compromises. A 3.2 out of 5 is a decent score, but you might expect more, given its price. As always, taste is subjective, and this may be the perfect fit for some. However, for the average coffee drinker seeking value for their money, there might be better options out there.

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