Jobot Coffee Review for 2024

Jobot is so much more than just a coffee shop, it’s a community-focused gem located in the heart of the Art District, combining art, coffee, and craft beer to create a unique customer experience.

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Founded by John Sagasta, a local entrepreneur and die-hard coffee lover, Jobot began life in a small split shop beside a hair salon selling coffee and later crepes to appease its hungry visitors.

As word of mouth spread, Jobot became popular with both the locals, music artists, and coffee connoisseurs alike and expanded into its new home just off 3rd St. & Roosevelt, evolving to also sell a range of local craft beers and play music from up and coming, DJs and music artists.

Jobot is also an important center for the community, advertising local events, supporting local people, and promoting local produce and artists.

The Ambiance

Whether you’re looking to sit back with a cappuccino and take advantage of the free wifi and ample plug sockets whilst doing your weekday morning emails, need a quick lunch and caffeine pick me up at midday, or want to take advantage of a happy hour cocktail or three or are looking for a great night out filled with craft beer and friends, Jobot offers a friendly downtown vibe that effortlessly transitions from day into night 7 days a week.

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With both indoor and outdoor seating Jobot is great for larger groups but is also friendly and accommodating to individuals and remote workers looking for somewhere to keep to themselves. There’s no shortage of plug sockets and the wifi is fast and reliable making it a great spot to crack out the laptop and get some work done over an unlimited drip coffee.

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Jobot is known for being quite loud, so expect to hear plenty of music as this is a big part of the cafe’s identity, if you’re not up for the noise then there’s also outdoor seating or you may want to come in the day before things get heated up.

For a Sunday like no other head down between the hours of 10 am – 3 pm for their “Beats & Brunch” events which feature live music and food and drinks specials that will introduce you to some of the hottest local musical talents.

jobot beats and brunch

The Coffee

Jobot’s founder, John Sagasta, is a die-hard coffee lover and sources Jobots coffee roasts from small-batch local producers wherever possible. Alongside offering all of the coffee classics including espresso, cappuccino, mocha, lattes, americano, and macchiato, Jobot also serves an unlimited drip coffee, perfect for midweek workers, and a cold brew option for those hotter days.

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For those not into coffee, there’s also a selection of tea which can be served both hot or cold, creamy hot chocolate, chai, and chilled sodas in addition to their plentiful alcoholic options. For those looking for non-dairy milk options, they serve both soy and oat as alternatives.

The Food

Jobot sources as many of its ingredients from local producers as possible, such as Schreiner’s Fine Sausage chorizo which is homemade from a family recipe right in the heart of Phoenix. Alongside delicious fresh-baked pastries, their all-day menu comprises breakfast classics such as waffles topped with seasonal fruit, powdered sugar, and maple syrup and oatmeal with granola and dried cranberries, alongside less traditional favorites such as huevos rancheros and Jomama, an over-easy egg with bacon, mozzarella, avocado, tomato, spinach and honey mustard in a brioche bun.

jobot waffle

You’ll also find plenty of their famous crepes with both sweet and savory fillings such as strawberry banana and Nutella or pine nut pesto, a selection of healthier salad options, delicious sandwiches served with fries or a side salad, and some larger ‘munchies’ bites such as their pesto pizza, buffalo hot wings or chicken curry. Catering to meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike, the menu is clearly marked to make finding your preferred dish simple and ingredients can even be customized to suit customers’ needs.

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The bar

A coffee house by day and a bar by night Jobot offer a wide array of craft beers from producers both near and far as well as a selection of classic cocktails alongside their world-famous beer punch which is created with London Dry Gin and grapefruit and then floated with a draft IPA – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

jobot bar

Cocktails are reasonably priced between $7-$9 with beers both canned and bottled around the $4 mark. Drinks are served until midnight on weekdays and 2 am on weekends.

Getting there

Jobot is in the center of the vibrant Roosevelt Row area in downtown Phoenix and is accessible by public transport and car with 2 hours of parking available in the parking garage just South of 3rd St & Roosevelt and parking meters along 3rd St. Jobot Coffee & Bar is also wheelchair accessible and both dog and child-friendly.

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