Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass Review (for 2024)

The world of coffee is diverse and intricate, and each brew a unique testament to its origin, process, and the hands that have lovingly tended to it. As an independent coffee reviewer, I approach each blend with respect, curiosity, and anticipation for the experience it will unveil. Today, we delve deep into Kicking Horse Coffee’s “Kick Ass,” a coffee with a bold name and, as we’ll discover, a personality to match.

“Kick Ass” Kicking Horse Coffee

1. True Roast: 5/5

The true roast of a coffee blend is akin to the bedrock upon which the flavor, body, and overall experience are built. It is the fundamental pillar that informs the coffee’s character. When it’s just right, it has the power to elevate an ordinary cup to an extraordinary one.

Kicking Horse Coffee’s “Kick Ass” achieves a commendable 5/5 in this category. The promise of a dark roast is not just met but surpassed, showing the deep understanding and finesse that the roasters at Kicking Horse have for their craft. This coffee displays an intense depth of color and aroma characteristic of its dark roast level. Even before the first sip, it is a delight to the senses, signaling the promise of a rich, robust, and fulfilling coffee experience.

2. Body: 5/5

Next, we evaluate the body of the coffee. The ‘body’ refers to the texture and mouthfeel of the coffee. This crucial element can either add to or detract from the overall experience.

“Kick Ass” also lives up to its name in this category, scoring a perfect 5/5. As anticipated from a dark roast, the body of this blend is full and substantial. The brew is thick, rich, and robust – painting every inch of the palate with its silken texture. This heavy, full-bodied texture is a hallmark of exceptional dark roasts, and “Kick Ass” embodies this characteristic effortlessly.

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3. Flavor: 4/5

The flavor profile of a coffee is its unique fingerprint, the combination of notes and nuances that distinguish it from the vast ocean of blends available on the market. The flavor is where the coffee tells its story, revealing hints of its origin, its journey, and the care invested in its cultivation and processing.

“Kick Ass” presents a solid flavor profile that earns it a score of 4/5. The blend harmonizes notes of woody earthiness and dark chocolate, resulting in a taste that is satisfyingly complex yet not overwhelmingly so. However, it doesn’t quite reach the level of extraordinary. While the flavors are clearly identifiable and well-balanced, an added layer of depth and complexity could catapult this blend to another level.

4. Acidity: 4/5

When it comes to the acidity of a coffee, balance is key. Ideally, the acidity should contribute to the overall flavor profile rather than dominate it.

In “Kick Ass”, the acidity is impressively managed. Despite being a dark roast – a roast level typically characterized by low acidity – it maintains a degree of acidity that enlivens the brew without overshadowing its inherent richness. This light tartness brings out the darker flavor notes beautifully, resulting in a taste experience that is full-bodied, multi-faceted, and engaging.

5. Aftertaste: 4/5

The aftertaste, the lingering memory of the coffee, is an aspect that is often overlooked but contributes significantly to the overall experience. A pleasant aftertaste can extend the enjoyment of the coffee long after the cup has been emptied.

The “Kick Ass” blend leaves a lingering note of dark cocoa on the palate, a testament to its full-bodied flavor and robust character. This flavor dances on the tongue, slowly fading, leaving a pleasant memory of the coffee experience behind. Yet, there is room for improvement. A little extra something – perhaps a hint of spice or a whisper of fruitiness – could have made the aftertaste as memorable as the coffee itself.

6. Price to Quality Ratio: 2/5

Finally, we come to the price to quality ratio. While quality is paramount, value for money remains an important consideration for most coffee enthusiasts.

With a $1.16 per ounce price, “Kick Ass” is on the higher end of the spectrum. While the quality is undeniable, the price point may make it a less appealing choice for the budget-conscious coffee lover. If the price were a bit more accommodating, this blend could easily become a daily favorite for many.

Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass Final Score: 4.0

In conclusion, Kicking Horse Coffee’s “Kick Ass” blend provides a noteworthy experience that is characterized by a true dark roast, a full body, a solid flavor profile, well-balanced acidity, and a pleasant aftertaste.

The blend’s downfall is its price point, which, while justified by its quality, may deter coffee enthusiasts who seek a balance between quality and value. Nevertheless, for those who value the coffee experience and don’t mind a little splurge, the “Kick Ass” blend certainly lives up to its name.

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