Koffee Kult Coffee Review for 2024

If you’re into authentic artisan coffee, you may want to try the Koffee Kult.

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Coffee has become one of the most popular beverages across the globe.

Some people adore the taste and stimulating effects of a dark roast espresso. Some people love the mild flavor of a latte to help them relax after a day shopping in town.


Coffee drinkers have their favorite ways of drinking coffee, their favorite beans, and their favorite coffee shops.

You could, of course, find yourself down at Starbucks sipping the latest Kenyan roast or the latest medium-bodied Brazilian. But, more people than ever are trying out artisan coffee from the comfort of their own homes.

With an Aeropress, a French press, or even a simple espresso machine, people can purchase the finest coffee beans to make beautiful espressos, lattes, and americanos in their own homes.

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The latest and most achingly cool outfit to bring the finest coffee beans from around the world into the United States is Koffee Kult. The coffee products that these guys produce are simply out of this world.

There are hundreds of different types of coffee out there from the crummy instant stuff that most coffee aficionados would say doesn’t even deserve to be called coffee, to the high-end Ethiopian beans that ooze quality, deep flavor, a nutty aftertaste, and a multilayered roast. A real stalwart of the coffee bean scene is Koffee Kult Coffee.

With an array of different coffee products available, Koffee Kult aims to have a foothold in the artisan coffee market. Their most popular bestseller tends to be the dark roast coffee beans.

However, they have a whole host of products to tickle those caffeine taste buds. Take a look at the Koffee Kult beans that you could find yourself grinding and making into the finest americanos in the western hemisphere.

Dark Roast

Koffee Kult prides itself on producing smooth and clean-tasting coffees. The dark roast tends to be the best in the range with a bold and earthy flavor that harnesses a deep roast.

Koffee Kult’s beans are roasted immediately prior to packaging them. This helps them to remain fresh and as pure as possible.

kk dark roast

With a second crack in the roasting process, a deeper and bolder flavor profile can develop. For those individuals who adore a coffee kick, Koffee Kult definitely delivers a punch.

The most ardent of coffee drinkers will adore the smoothness and flavor of the roast with an excellent crema, these beans can be used in an Aeropress to make great neat black coffee or espressos. The beans are versatile and many people have likened their smoothness to melted dark chocolate.

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The flavor is intense but not harsh and with absolutely zero bitters after tones. This makes the coffee perfect for all sorts of lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, or espressos.

Using 100 percent Arabica beans means that the quality of the bean and coffee never suffers. Sourcing the finest beans from Brazil, Sumatra, and Colombia means that the aroma and flavor profiles have notes of cinnamon, chocolate, and nuts.

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Roasted in Hollywood, Florida, these beans are second to none and will enhance your coffee collection by no end. This could even become your favorite coffee.

Medium Roast

The medium roast variety by Koffee Kult is an excellent all-rounder and perfect for those individuals who enjoy a less full-bodied cup.

kk medium roast

Like the dark roast, the beans are packaged immediately after picking, meaning that they don’t get clogged with oil or stale from sitting on a shelf. No bitter robusta coffee beans are used.

The beans are sourced from Brazil and Colombia for their more subtle and nutty cherry-like notes. The cups of coffee that they produce are simply stunning.

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A classic all-rounder, the coffee is smooth, balanced, and delicious. Surprisingly, the medium roast has more caffeine in it than the dark roast.

Don’t expect the medium roast to be too mild. It still packs a punch without making you wince and it makes a cracking morning coffee to help you wake up bright and alert ready to start your working day.

Eye Cracker Espresso Beans

For those coffee aficionados who adore something punchy, vibrant, bold, and strong, they could do far worse than the eye-cracker espresso beans. These contain a weighty amount of caffeine, and yet don’t forfeit flavor or taste for extreme caffeine content.

kk eye cracker

Eye cracker espresso beans are perfect for shorter coffee drinks and can embolden a latte making it stronger and more intense in flavor. This is the coffee to choose if you love a real jumpstart to your day.

Every coffee bean is sourced directly from farmers in Kenya, Brazil, and Colombia. This unique combination of beans creates one of a kind tangerine, fruity, and caramel flavor profile. This gives the intense eye-cracker coffee beans a sweetness that cuts through the full body of the espresso.

kk eye cracker2

The amazing artisan nature of Koffee Kult means that your coffee will be roasted to order and the date of the roast will be printed on your bag. This resealable bag means that your coffee beans will remain fresh for the optimum time so that you can enjoy your coffee in perfect order for weeks.

Ethiopian Harrar Coffee

The finest coffee beans on Earth are thought to be grown in Ethiopia. Koffee Kult has chosen to create a stunning single-source roast that really is a one-of-a-kind whole-bean coffee.

The aroma is deceivingly sweet, but the roast is dark and full-bodied, packing a unique punch. The Harrar coffee bean is like the saffron of the spice world – it is precious and sought after.

kk harrar

Koffee Kult doesn’t mess about with the bean and roasts it simply. With a second crack, it develops into a full-bodied roast that provides a real taste sensation for every coffee drinker.

Sourced from Southern Ethiopian farms at over 4500 feet elevation, these bespoke beans are hard to come by. Ethiopian farmers handpick the beans and Koffee Kult packages them quickly before the roasting process begins in Florida.

kk ethiopian harrar3

The flavor profile includes hints of berries, cinnamon, and juicy apricots. The coffee made from Ethiopian Harrar beans is rich.

Many coffee lovers adore drinking this coffee at the end of a meal. It is versatile meaning that the beans can be used in a French press or a Turkish grinder, making the finest foamy coffees with wonderful crema.

If you want a coffee that has a different yet wonderful flavor, then the Ethiopian Harrar variety needs to be on your ‘must-try’ list. This coffee would make the finest gift for real coffee experts and would make a great coffee to have in the cupboard to impress any guest that you may have over.

kk ethiopian harrar2

For connoisseurs of coffee, the Ethiopian high altitudes create the perfect environment to grow the most wonderful beans. They might not be caffeine packed but they are flavorful.

Koffee Kult is the perfect artisan coffee roaster to make the perfect product for coffee drinkers across the globe.

Colombia Huila Coffee

Strong coffee lovers often feel the need for bolder and more intense flavor profiles to keep scratching their rich coffee itch. For strong coffee lovers, the Colombia Huila bean is a must to have in the cupboard.

kk colombia huila

This is a small batch of coffee that has the same roasting profile each time. This means that the coffee quality stays top-notch and the flavor profile remains consistent.

This is a rich and full-bodied coffee that packs a real punch. The main harvest of the beans is in April and August, meaning that this is a real artisan and bespoke coffee for real aficionados.

kk colombia huila2

The small family-owned farms in Colombia that Koffee Kult has sourced means that only the finest quality beans are used. Most drinkers of this roast love the espresso it produces.

This gives any individual a buzz and a pep, making it a fantastic morning coffee.

Tanzania Peaberry

For those people who want to impress their coffee-loving friends, a Tanzanian peaberry bean is hard to beat. Grown on the lower slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, this unique coffee is a wonderful roast.

Being grown close to the Kenyan border, the flavor profile is similar to Kenyan coffee, but the different soil that the beans are grown in provides less acidity in the final product.

kk tanzania peaberry

The peaberry beans are small, hence the name, and are rich and flavorful. Being rare, they are sought after and must be hand-sorted to ensure their freshness remains intact.

This coffee is delicious make a great coffee using a French press or Aeropress. The coffee tastes infinitely better than a Starbucks and it is the perfect combination of smoothness and lightness.

The flavor has real chocolate, pecan, and hazelnut undertone giving it a natural sweetness.

The artisan nature of these beans makes all the difference to the quality of the final product. The coffee is smooth, tasty, and has a flavor profile to compete against the most expensive gourmet coffee in the world.

White Lightning Blonde Roast Beans

For those individuals looking for a great all-rounder coffee that can be drunk throughout the day, a blonde roast should be in your collection. Blonde roasts are much more delicate in flavor and don’t have the punch or strength of darker roasts.

kk white lightning blonde roast

This means that they aren’t for everyone but this white lightning roast does have beautiful hints of peanut butter, oats, and nuttiness. However, for an everyday drink, that you tend to mix with milk, this can be ideal.

Koffee Kult is committed to producing the finest artisan coffee in the United States and prides itself on its small-scale production, its links with coffee farmers across the globe, and its quality assurance to ensure the coffee is every time.

kk artisan

They care about the farmers that they purchase the finest coffee beans. They support over 650 farmers across the globe and help charities all over the world.

Koffee Kult is committed to the pursuit of coffee perfection and anyone who has had a cup of this wonderful coffee will definitely agree. It doesn’t matter which coffee bean or product you opt to try from Koffee Kult, you will get to enjoy a fine cup of coffee whether you use a French press or a Turkish grinder or whether you enjoy a full-bodied espresso or a milder and sweeter latte.

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Koffee Kult really does create the best coffee in the United States and produces five-star coffees that deserve to excel in 2024.

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