The Complete Lavazza Classico Coffee Review

In my Lavazza Classico coffee review, I’ll give my honest and frank opinions so that you can decide whether this coffee is the right choice for you.

Let’s dive right in:

Who is Lavazza?

Founded in 1892 in Torino, Italy, Lavazza is one of the world’s biggest and most reputable brands. Whenever I speak to a fellow coffee enthusiast, the name Lavazza comes up, and it’s usually tinged with excitement.

They prepare their coffee in an authentic Italian style, so the coffee flavor should never be an issue whether you’re using the capsules, an espresso machine, or drinking instant. Of course, they also have ground, whole bean, and roast-level varieties for every type of coffee lover.

Why I Was Nervous

I have to get one thing off my chest – I wasn’t very excited about this Italian coffee product. Yes, I had heard through the grapevine that Lavazza had changed their packaging, but that wasn’t the reason. Instead, I was apprehensive because I had recently tried another Lavazza product (check out the review on the website), which wasn’t a good experience. As a result, I only gave it one star out of five; that’s how much I disliked it.

I just found it too bitter and sour simultaneously, and I was ready for the Classico version to be the same. However, I shouldn’t have wasted my time worrying because they are nothing alike, as my Lavazza Classico coffee review will reveal.

Lavazza Classico Coffee

The arabica coffee aroma was sweet, and if you think the smell should have calmed my nerves, you’re wrong! The Lavazza Perfetto blend started well with a lovely, fresh scent of robusta coffee beans that was very pleasing, and it went on to be trash. The grains were the same texture, too, very moist and a little oily. So, I wasn’t leaving anything to my nose this time; before I came to a conclusion, I would taste the goods.

The first impression I got was how rich and strong the flavors were. According to Lavazza, the intensity of their Classico range isn’t very high at all, so the fact that it felt like an espresso was surprising. Plus, it’s only supposed to be a medium roast, yet it tasted a lot stronger than most mediums. But what caught my attention were the sweet flavor notes which came afterward. Mixing rich and sweet in coffee is difficult, but the Classico does it effortlessly. I had to have another cup because I couldn’t help myself!

To say I didn’t know what to expect, or to be precise, I wasn’t expecting much; I couldn’t believe how much I liked this product. The differences between the Classico and the Perfetto are huge, and, for me, that makes the former an easy winner.

Does Everyone Agree?

For the most part, the answer is yes. Fellow reviewers and coffee aficionados loved the full-body blend and the fact it was more robust than other brands. And the price is a plus because the Classico option tends to be on sale a lot more.

If there were bad points, they usually focused on the basic nature of the brew; I would admit to feeling the same way. Although I enjoyed it very much, it was a simple cup of coffee, nothing more and nothing less. I wouldn’t expect anything too exotic from Lavazza Classico.

Things To Note With Lavazza Classico

Firstly, please consider that it says medium, but it’s much darker. So, if you want a smooth, run-of-the-mill roast, this blend might shock you a little bit. However, you can play around with the mix to get the perfect result. The packet says to add one tablespoon of coffee per six ounces of water, but you might want to scale back the recipe.

Even if you’re a dark roast fan, I recommend trying this before moving on to another Lavazza dark product. It’s not just because the latter might be too strong, but it might not be rich enough, either. Sometimes, certain products are perfect, so you might not want to move on after trying Lavazza Classico.

If you do move up a level, I think it’s better to have Lavazza as an espresso to counteract the flavors of the robust beans.

Lavazza Classico Coffee Review (The Verdict)

For me, the Lavazza Classico brand is 4 out of 5 stars. The coffee flavor was intense, yet the sweet notes balanced them, making the Italian coffee blend very tasty. Compared to the Perfetto, it’s leagues ahead.

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