Madrinas Coffee Fair Trade Organic Cold Brew Review for 2022

Madrinas Coffee’s Fair Trade Organic Cold Brew is the one you’ve probably considered If you’re looking for the perfect cold brew coffees to complement your traditional hot brew habits. But what should you expect from the coffee in a can? Here’s all you need to know.


What Is It?

The Madrinas Coffee Fair Trade Organic Cold Brew is a 15fl oz ‘grab-and-go’ cold beverage that offers 125MG of caffeine per can. The company’s air trade policy uses ethically sourced coffee beans from Mexico and Colombia and is available in several flavors including vanilla cappuccino, cold brew and milk, dark roast, cafe mocha, and cafe vanilla.


For this review, I ordered the Cafe Caramel cold brew.


It is an all-iced coffee that comes in a crate of 12 cans, although 60 can packs are available too. They can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated depending on personal taste preferences

What The Madrinas Company Says

The Madrinas brand promotes itself on providing a range of “delicious, all-natural #COFFEE4FUEL®” products that offer a healthier alternative to other highly promoted energy drinks in the United States. The cafe caramel iced coffee cold brew offers a convenient solution that brings the distinct caffeine hit that can only be supplied by coffee along with the sweet taste of caramel.


While the company also produces ground coffee bean bags for traditional home brewing, the cold brews are undoubtedly the jewel in their crown. The company’s desire to promote the drink as a key ingredient in a balanced and healthy lifestyle is evident in its packaging and can design too.

Madrinas Cafe Caramel Review

Even as a self-confessed coffee connoisseur, I’ve certainly tried more hot coffees than cold brew – particularly grab and go variants that aren’t directly from a coffee house. While the price is far more expensive than other cold beverages you may find in a store, it’s still a lot cheaper than picking up an iced coffee from Starbucks.

Let’s face it; the convenience and ability to avoid syrups are positive factors too.


I didn’t get the smell of coffee that I often enjoy but could smell the sweet caramel. The color is as expected, offering a light coffee color not too dissimilar to the can packaging, but this isn’t even noticeable as the can isn’t transparent.

As for the taste, the caramel hints are instantly recognizable but this doesn’t make the coffee overly sweet. It’s a little sweeter than bold, but you won’t be mistaken about the fact that you’re drinking a coffee.


Another positive note is that there aren’t any sharp or bitter tastes. While it isn’t given as a serving suggestion, I found that the smooth texture and flavors were more consistent after gently shaking the can a minute or so before opening it.

One slight issue is that drinking from a can rather than a bottle almost forces you to drink the whole beverage in one sitting.

What Do Others Think?

I always like to see what other people are saying about a coffee to confirm my thoughts and potentially encourage me to change my thoughts by taking other factors into account. However, I find those opinions even more valuable for iced coffees.

Most users agree with the taste profile of being sweet without ruining the distinct flavor of the coffee. I haven’t seen anyone moan about the can (so maybe that’s just a personal preference) while fans seem to enjoy the beverage when it’s chilled from a fridge or taken directly from the cupboard.

Many believe that the 125MG of caffeine does, in fact, make them more alert than alternative drinks.

Who Will Enjoy It?

The Madrinas Coffee Fair Trade Organic Cold Brew is aimed to support busy people on the go, either as a pre-work beverage, mid-morning treat, or afternoon pick-me-up. It can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike, although those that enjoy the experience o sitting down and taking in the smells may look elsewhere.


Still, the sweet hints of the caramel blend nicely with the coffee to give this a luxurious and smooth taste that is a lot better than many of the alternative ‘off the shelf’ iced coffees on the market, and can compete with coffee house selections – minus the extra syrups and creams. As an ethical beverage, it can be enjoyed by those that care about the planet without guilt

Madrinas Coffee Score

As far as iced coffees go, it is one of the best I’ve tried. It stays true to the classic flavors we all love from our coffees while also bringing a tasty hint of caramel that makes it feel like a treat.

I’d personally like to see it available in a bottle, but the Madrinas Coffee Caramel Cafe still gets a solid 4 stars out of 5.