Maxwell House Intense Bold Coffee Review (2024)

Maxwell House, a brand with a rich history dating back to 1892, has been a familiar name in many households. The brand’s Intense Bold Dark Roast Coffee promises a hearty, full-bodied brew, but does it live up to its name? Let’s dive into each aspect of our comprehensive review process to find out.

Maxwell House Intense Bold Dark Roast Coffee Breakdown

True Roast: (4/5)

One of the things I always check in a coffee is whether it lives up to its roast level claims. With a name like “Intense Bold Dark Roast,” one might expect a brew of the utmost strength and depth.

The good news is that this Maxwell House variant doesn’t disappoint in terms of the roast level. The beans are indeed dark, almost ebony in color, with the characteristic oily sheen of a dark roast gleaming under the light. When brewed, the coffee is correspondingly dark, forming an intense, opaque brew that leaves little doubt about its dark roast nature.

Therefore, I give this coffee a solid 4 out of 5 on the True Roast scale. The roast level is almost exactly as advertised, providing the intensity that dark roast lovers crave.

Body: (4/5)

When it comes to the Body of a coffee, a dark roast like this one should offer a thick, rich mouthfeel. It should have substance, providing a dense, satisfying sip that fills the mouth and lingers on the palate.

Once again, Maxwell House’s Intense Bold Dark Roast delivers. The coffee’s Body is substantial, providing the robust, hearty experience that is the trademark of a well-executed dark roast. It holds its own even when mixed with Chobani Sweet Cream coffee creamer, a testament to its significant Body.

So, in the category of Body, this coffee earns another commendable 4 out of 5.

Flavor: (1/5)

However, as we move on to the flavor, the Achilles’ heel of this coffee becomes evident. A good cup of coffee, irrespective of the roast, should provide an interesting and distinctive flavor profile. While a dark roast naturally has fewer nuanced flavors than its lighter counterparts, it should still offer some discernible notes – perhaps a hint of dark chocolate, a touch of smoky bitterness, or a whisper of toasted nuts.

In this case, however, the flavor profile of Maxwell House’s Intense Bold Dark Roast is disappointingly flat. The “intense” and “bold” aspects seem to have been interpreted as an excuse to sideline flavor, leaving the coffee tasting bland and one-dimensional. This is a significant letdown, and as a result, this coffee receives a disappointing 1 out of 5 in the Flavor category.

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Acidity: (4/5)

One aspect where this dark roast shines again is in its acidity – or, more accurately, its lack thereof. A well-made dark roast should have minimal acidity, delivering a smooth and mellow taste that is easy on the stomach.

Maxwell House’s Intense Bold Dark Roast gets this balance right. The coffee is noticeably low in acidity, presenting a smooth, easy-drinking brew that’s unlikely to upset even sensitive stomachs.

Thus, it achieves a score of 4 out of 5 in the Acidity category, demonstrating that it understands the fundamentals of a good dark roast.

Aftertaste: (3/5)

A good cup of coffee should leave a pleasant aftertaste – a lingering reminder of the enjoyable experience you’ve just had. In the case of Maxwell House’s Intense Bold Dark Roast, the aftertaste is fairly neutral. It doesn’t leave a memorable impression, but neither is it unpleasantly bitter or astringent.

Because of this, the Aftertaste category sees this coffee earning a score of 3 out of 5. It’s not remarkable, but it’s not disappointing either.

Price to Quality Ratio: (3/5)

Finally, considering the price to quality ratio, this coffee falls squarely in the middle of the pack. With a price point of $0.29 per ounce, it’s certainly affordable. However, the lack of flavor depth makes it feel like an average deal rather than a great bargain.

Thus, it receives a score of 3 out of 5 in the Price to Quality Ratio category. If you’re seeking a robust, affordable coffee and aren’t overly concerned about flavor nuances, this could be a suitable choice.

Maxwell House Intense Bold Dark Roast Coffee Final Score: 3.2

In summary, Maxwell House Intense Bold Dark Roast Coffee does deliver on some aspects of its promise – it provides a bold, intense coffee with low acidity and a solid body. However, its lack of flavor depth is a serious drawback, pulling down its overall score.

So, while this coffee might suit those looking for an affordable, robust brew, those in search of a rich and nuanced flavor profile should look elsewhere. In the grand tapestry of coffee offerings, this one is more a sturdy, reliable thread than a vibrant, standout color.

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