McCafe French Roast Coffee Review for 2024

McCafe French Roast coffee, a well-crafted creation by McDonald’s, offers an invigorating experience to the palate. Boasting an intense flavor and unyielding robustness, this coffee holds true to its dark roast claim.

The tantalizing aroma of dark chocolate combined with a distinctive woodiness makes for an exciting olfactory experience. This rich, hearty coffee is not for the faint of heart but caters beautifully to lovers of a pronounced bold roast.

McCafe French Roast Breakdown

1. True Roast: A Dark, Bold Expedition (5/5)

McCafe’s French Roast stands out with its audacious character, fully embracing its identity as a bona fide dark roast. This coffee is a bold experience that greets you with a vigor that lingers. The roast level aligns impeccably with its advertising, earning it a perfect 5 in our True Roast™ metric.

The coffee is infused with a full-bodied richness that manifests from the intense roasting process. As you take the first sip, you are welcomed with a rush of boldness that stays with you, a quintessential feature of a well-rounded dark roast. Its robust nature makes this coffee a perfect companion for those who prefer an intense, dark roast experience.

2. Assessing the Body: Full and Rich (5/5)

A key expectation from a dark roast is a full-bodied and robust texture, and the McCafe French Roast stands up to the task. There is a strong, thick presence in every sip that demands your attention. Its pleasing viscosity underscores the intense roasting process, precisely what one expects from a French Roast.

Every McCafe French Roast Coffee sip fills the mouth with a profound presence, adding a new layer to the experience. This coffee does not shy away from asserting its thick, rich texture, offering a full-bodied experience that leaves a satisfying, lasting impression.

3. Exploring the Flavor: An Adventure of Taste (4/5)

The flavor profile of McCafe French Roast coffee is a complex adventure. Each cup brings forth a rich blend of flavors, underscored by strong notes of dark chocolate and a unique woody undertone. However, there is a slightly charred taste that may not appeal to all, leading to a 4 in the flavor category.

Despite the slightly burned taste, the coffee is still a marvel when it comes to the complex interplay of flavors. The prominent dark chocolate note is not only rich but lends an enticing bitterness that complements the woody undertone. This complexity of flavors creates a fascinating flavor journey that leaves you coming back for more.

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4. Acidity Test: Low but Suitable (2/5)

In terms of acidity, the McCafe French Roast coffee aligns perfectly with its dark roast nature, garnering a low score of 2. A low acidity level is characteristic of a dark roast, making it suitable for those who prefer a smooth, non-acidic cup of coffee.

While the low acidity might deter those who favor a bright, citrusy profile, it’s a hit among lovers of a dark roast. The coffee’s low acidity contributes to a smoother taste, ensuring that the full-bodied richness is the star of every sip.

5. Aftertaste: A Lingering Experience (2/5)

The aftertaste is an aspect where the McCafe French Roast could use some refinement. The bitterness tends to linger slightly longer than desired. The lack of any lingering sweetness exacerbates this effect. Though it’s not the most pleasant experience, it’s also not a complete deal-breaker.

The aftertaste leaves a bitter note that lingers at the back of the palate. However, for those who enjoy a strong, bold coffee, this lingering bitterness might be an appealing feature, adding to the overall robust experience offered by this dark roast.

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6. Price to Quality Ratio: A Dark Roast Bargain (5/5)

At a mere $0.48 per ounce, McCafe French Roast coffee is a remarkable bargain considering its quality. Despite its shortcomings in acidity and aftertaste, it excels in other areas, offering a pleasing experience at a very reasonable price.

The coffee’s excellent price to quality ratio makes it a standout choice. Its price is a testament to its value, ensuring you’re getting an affordable yet high-quality coffee experience.

McCafe French Roast Final Score: 3.8

McCafe French Roast is a coffee that delivers an intense, rich experience that holds true to its dark roast claim and at a fair price. With a final score of 3.8, this coffee makes a suitable choice for those who favor a bold, robust cup to jumpstart their day. Although it scored lower in acidity and aftertaste, its overall performance is satisfactory.

McCafe French Roast’s intriguing complexity of flavors will undoubtedly captivate the discerning palate of a dark roast enthusiast. Despite its few shortcomings, the overall quality and affordable price point make it a coffee well worth considering for your next coffee adventure.

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