New England Coffee Darkest Before Dawn – Rich and Bold Review for 2023

Upon first glance, New England Coffee’s Darkest Before Dawn is a coffee that seeks to defy the ordinary, with a striking name that hints at a roast bold enough to cut through the gloom of the earliest morning hours. 

New England Coffee Darkest Before Dawn Review

Marketed as a rich and bold coffee, this roast positions itself as an unapologetically robust choice for coffee enthusiasts, promising an invigorating and powerful start to their day.

True Roast Analysis (5/5)

In assessing the authenticity of the roast, it becomes immediately clear that New England Coffee’s promise of intensity is no mere advertising ploy. Scoring a perfect 5 on True Roast, the Darkest Before Dawn resonates impeccably with the company’s description of a dark, intense roast. 

The beans bear the dark and lustrous sheen indicative of a deep roast, giving off an aroma that is captivating in its intensity. This is a coffee that has been meticulously roasted, each bean given the time and heat necessary to unlock its depth of flavor. The result is a roast that engages the senses and satisfies the palate with its depth and richness, aligning precisely with the manufacturer’s claim and setting the stage for a truly robust coffee experience.

Body Evaluation (4/5)

Regarding the body of the coffee, it achieves a commendable score of 4. The texture is smooth, conveying a sense of indulgence with each sip. It is reasonably robust, creating a sense of satisfaction as it washes over the palate. However, it is here that the Darkest Before Dawn slightly disappoints. 

The body, while enjoyable, could have been a bit fuller, especially considering the dark roast. It’s slightly less dense than what an ardent lover of dark roasts might expect, falling short of the hearty, rich body that is often characteristic of such roasts. Still, it does a worthy job of creating a mouthfeel that lingers just long enough to be appreciated and savored, without overstaying its welcome.

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Flavor Profile (5/5)

Where this coffee truly sets itself apart is in the flavor profile. Earning a score of 5, the Darkest Before Dawn serves up a symphony of tastes that are powerful yet wonderfully balanced. Each sip unveils a smoky profile, a distinctive characteristic of the darkest roasts. Yet, this is not a one-note performance. 

Lurking beneath the surface are tantalizing notes of dark chocolate and toasted almonds, adding depth and complexity to the flavor profile. This above-average flavor profile manages to titillate the senses and hold the drinker’s interest, creating an experience that will impress even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Acidity Assessment (5/5)

The acidity of the Darkest Before Dawn is another testament to the finesse that New England Coffee has demonstrated in this roast. Scoring a perfect 5, the low acid level harmonizes seamlessly with the dark roast. 

It adds a beautiful complexity to the flavor, effectively enhancing the different notes without creating any sour or bitter undertones that might throw off the balance. It’s smooth and mellow, offering a refreshing counterpoint to the intense flavor and aligning flawlessly with what you’d expect from a premium dark roast.

Aftertaste Evaluation (5/5)

As for the aftertaste, the Darkest Before Dawn once again steps up to the plate, delivering a perfect score of 5. Each sip leaves behind a lingering taste that’s nothing short of delightful. The smoky, chocolatey notes echo in the mouth, creating a pleasant memory of the robust flavor profile. As the intensity gradually subsides, a subtle sweetness emerges, gently rounding off the experience and coaxing the drinker into yearning for another sip.

Price to Quality Ratio Analysis (3/5)

However, no coffee review would be complete without considering the price. And when it comes to the price to quality ratio, the Darkest Before Dawn reveals a chink in its otherwise impressive armor. At $1.00 per ounce, the price may seem hard to justify relative to the quality, warranting a score of 3. 

The cost is notably higher than many comparable quality coffees on the market. As such, for the budget-conscious coffee drinker, purchasing this roast may require some thought. Nevertheless, this might not be a significant downside for coffee lovers who prioritize flavor, roast, and overall experience.

New England Coffee’s Darkest Before Dawn Final Score: 4.5/5

In conclusion, New England Coffee’s Darkest Before Dawn achieves an impressive overall score of 4.5. It presents itself as an experience that’s not just about drinking coffee but enjoying a robust, well-rounded, and meticulously crafted flavor profile. 

With its low acidity and indulgent aftertaste, this brew makes a compelling case for itself for those who relish a powerful cup of coffee. However, asks the drinker to pay a bit more for this unique experience. As such, it becomes a question of value: for the coffee enthusiasts who prize a rich and bold brew, the Darkest Before Dawn just might prove to be worth its weight in gold.

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