Peet’s Major Dickason’s Coffee Blend Review

Peet’s Major Dickason’s Coffee Blend, a coffee blend from Peet’s Coffee, is a good option for many people looking for a rich, robust flavor. For those who simply love coffee – and like it the stronger the better – this is an excellent choice. It is a dark roast with a full-body flavor.

While it does a good job of working for the coffee experts out there, this blend is a good option for those who may not be a true coffee pros but who like a dark roast. It’s strong, which may not be appealing to some, but for those who want true pick-me-up power, Major Dickason’s Blend is a must-experience choice.

Major Dickason Company’s Story

Peet’s Coffee calls Major Dickason’s Blend one of its most beloved products. It was first developed in 1969 and has stood the test of time through the generations of coffee drinkers because of its unique richness and overall strength. It was developed by Key Dickason, who was a retired U.S. Army Officer. It was further developed by the company’s team and, after sampling numerous combinations, they settled on this coffee blend.

Peet’s Coffee states this blend is its all-time best seller.

The Flavor Profile of Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend

There is no doubt this particular roast is intense and may not be the ideal type of the first cup of coffee for the beginner. People found it a great alternative to sugared-up and watered-down products. The Major Dickason’s Blend sources its coffee beans from some of the most important areas to ensure quality. This creates a complex and rich blend of flavor. It is a deep flavor, no doubt, but it is not boring or standard.

What is there to love about Major Dickason’s Blend?

  • It is a fabulous, rich, full-bodied roast flavor. 
  • It makes an excellent espresso for those looking for a traditional roast.
  • The flavor is complex, but it has a smooth taste to it.
  • The smell is rich and strong – creating an intensity that fills the room.
  • For the coffee lover who has tried numerous products previously, this blend is a must because of its satisfying flavors.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks. Most importantly, it is essential to note it is a powerful cup of coffee and it may not be suitable to those looking for something mild and with less of a flavor profile. It also will not blend away with the addition of sugar and sweet ingredients. It is a coffee for the coffee lover.

Recommended Brewing

Peet’s Coffee recommends a French press for brewing Major Dickason’s Blend. However, it can work very well as an espresso as well. Don’t forget to read our guide on the perfect coffee-to-water ratio as well.

It does not take much to create the perfect cup of coffee here, for a truly passionate coffee drinker.

Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s Blend is made in the USA. Its beans come from Latin America and the Pacific areas. It creates a rich, complex flavor like no other.

For those who are looking for a beautiful cup of coffee you can rely on for fantastic flavor and a bold taste every time, this is the blend to seek out. It may not be right for everyone, but for the coffee lover, it is a go-to solution every time.

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