Starbucks Espresso Roast Blend Review (for 2023)

Are you looking for a new addition to your coffee cupboard and need help deciding whether the Starbucks Espresso Roast Blend is worth your time? Get the answers you’re looking for with my honest Starbucks Espresso Roast Blend.

About Starbucks

If there’s just one coffee company that needs no introduction, it’s Starbucks. The Seattle-based global giant boasts over 30,000 coffee houses. At the same time, the divisive nature of the brand means that most people have an opinion as to whether the company is the best or worst thing to happen in modern times. So whatever your thoughts are regarding the stores, you should park those opinions for a while and give the home coffee bean packets a chance to speak for themselves.

I’m a true believer in this idea because Starbucks has already won me over with some of the related products in its extensive range. As such, I opened the Espresso Roast with some optimism. And I was right too.

What Starbucks Says

The company descriptions usually provide good insight into what should be expected from any given coffee. A large company like Starbucks is expected to provide precise details. The company states of the Espresso Roast Blend:

“It’s a special blend of beans from Latin America and Asia/Pacific darkly roasted to produce a rich and caramelly sweetness. Because this dense, full-bodied brew has a stout taste that stands up against milk, it’s the perfect foundation for making a latte or cappuccino at home.”

Starbucks also says: “This is the heart of our most popular coffee beverages.” So, it’s right to have some pretty high expectations.

Starbucks Espresso Roast Review

When first opening the packet, the intense smells take over instantly. While this is hardly surprising for an espresso product, the dark beans integrate spicy smells with distinct hints of cherry and caramel to produce an enjoyable first interaction with the coffee. For any true coffee lover, this is almost as important as the taste.

Almost. And thankfully, the Espresso Roast delivers on that front too. The blend of dark beans from Latin America and Asia unleashes a strong yet fresh taste that works well as the foundation of any latte or cappuccino. Meanwhile, if you’re a regular visitor to Starbucks itself, the familiarity of the product is emotionally comforting too.

The fact that the recipe has never changed suggests that Starbucks is very comfortable with this brand staple. Frankly, it’s tough to question this. Even if it’s not the type of coffee you’ll be telling friends and family about for months (is any espresso), there’s a lot to love.

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What Other People Say

I always enjoy reading what others say about a coffee before I post my thoughts, just to check that I haven’t missed anything or whether my opinions conflict with the general view. In truth, most people who have tasted the Starbucks Espresso Roast blend are of the same opinion as me. It’s a simple yet strong blend with a clear hint of caramel that provides that distinct flavor.

Black, caramel, and strong. Those three words pretty much sum up the sale, and the taste is a very accurate manner.

Who Will Enjoy It?

Only a true novice would think that all coffees are the same. In truth, the unique hints and contrasts between different blends mean that very few people like everything. Even those that do will have clear preferences. For example, the Espresso Roast by Starbucks is a dark and strong blend, so it’s probably not ideal for those that want a relatively weak brew.

However, those that love a strong caffeine hit in the morning will find that the $30 cost for a large pouch is a far better option than lining up at Starbucks each morning to pay over the odds for some inadequate barrister to ruin the flavor.

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Brewing Options

Starbucks promotes its espresso beans as being the foundation of its lattes and cappuccinos. However, you can also drink it as a shot, although taking it straight does leave a bitter taste that you’ll either love or hate. In addition, it can be brewed as an instant drink or through a coffee press.

Starbucks Espresso Roast Score

If it’s good enough for the biggest coffeehouse chain in the world, the Starbucks Espresso Roast Blend is undoubtedly good enough for your daily latte or cappuccino needs. The fact I’d still order something a bit more special to mark a big occasion stops it from getting full marks. However, its suitability as a daily brew makes it a solid 4/5.

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