Summer Moon Coffee – Wood Fired Review 2022

Whether you’re visiting Texas or you’re a local, you’ve probably heard of Summer Moon Coffee. Established in 2004, this coffee shop has grown from its original location in Austin, to 16 more franchises across the state. Family-owned, it’s a popular choice for both visitors and those living nearby to one of its 17 locations.


Focusing on a simple yet effective brewing method, they are known for their flavorful wood-fired coffee. Utilizing brick, fire, and wood, this artisan craft coffee is bound to please coffee enthusiasts or those wanting a refreshing drink during the summer (they offer iced coffee, lemonades, etc. as well as coffee).

Using a combination of coffee beans from Central and South America, Indonesia and Africa, the variety of options available will satisfy any taste – whether you opt for stronger coffee like myself or lighter, sweeter coffee.

Varying in price, from $2.50 for an espresso to $5.75 for a 20 oz. Mocha Moon, you’ll be able to find a coffee that’s within your budget. Their wide selection of coffees range from traditional Americanos to their renowned Summermoon, Half Moon and Wood Fired Drip Coffee – they are available in three sizes, including 12 oz., 16 oz. and 20 oz).


There’s also cold coffee at Summer Moon Coffee, including Toddy Cold Brew and Moon glacier. However, even though this selection is undoubtedly good as you can choose exactly what you want, it can be hard for those visiting the coffee shop for the first time to know what each of them is – which is where the staff comes in. Very helpful and friendly, you’ll be able to navigate the menu so that you receive a coffee that suits you.


If you do like a sweet coffee, they also have oat, soy, almond, and coconut milk on offer that you can add to your drink. Similarly, there is a range of flavored syrups including hazelnut, lavender, and sugar-free options.

As you walk into the coffee shop, you’ll be met with quirky decor which includes mismatching chairs. You’ll also notice several people who have chosen Summer Moon Coffee as a place to grab a coffee and work for hours at a time. And because it’s a welcoming place, it’s easy to see why.


However, as it is so busy, be warned – there isn’t a lot of parking. Although this is fine if you’re running in to get a cup of coffee on the go, it’s not great if you want to stay for a few hours at a time. In this case, it’s probably better to head there early for when it opens at 8 am.


The fact that it is so busy most of the time might not appeal to everyone. If you’re looking for a more cozy, quiet coffee shop in Texas, then Summer Moon Coffee might not be the first place to try.


Now, onto what the coffee itself tasted like. As I mentioned above, there is a wide selection to choose from. But it’s also important to note that the various coffees are available in different sweetness. If you like strong coffee – don’t, I repeat, don’t order a whole moon coffee. Opt for a quarter moon or a Whisper (⅛) instead.


Luckily, I opted for one of the stronger coffees – meaning that it had just about the right amount of sweetness. If you want a good tasting coffee, then definitely stay clear of the very sweet ones – unless that’s your thing obviously. Also, the coffee is served in a takeaway cup.

And although some people like this, others might want their coffee served in a mug – especially when they are stopping off for a catch-up or for a couple of hours in between work.

Final Thoughts about Summer Moon Coffee

Overall, I liked Summer Moon Coffee. The coffee was good (albeit not the best I have ever had), the decor was stylish and the staffs are helpful. Although they use a wood fire and unique brewing methods, the coffee isn’t as rich as I would have hoped. I would still recommend these coffee shops, as it’s a cool concept and I liked the variety that’s on the menu – plus, the food is supposed to be good.


The fact about our Summer Moon Coffee Experience that

1) the Summer Moon coffee can be very sweet and

2) it’s very busy there made it a coffee shop that I couldn’t imagine spending hours upon hours in.

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