Tierra Mia Coffee Company Review for 2022

Tierra Mia Coffee – with a logo that states ‘the best coffee comes from my land’, they have a lot to live up to. With several locations across California, from LA to Orange County, Tierra Mia Coffee company, however, perfectly located for anyone visiting or living within the state.


Profiled in the Los Angeles Times and appearing on TV throughout the years, Tierra Mia is a well-known franchise that’s been growing in popularity since 2008 when it’s first coffee house opened in the intersection of Atlantic Boulevard and Firestone Boulevard.

With a mission to provide the highest quality and freshest Latin-inspired coffee, it’s got a lot of competition throughout the state. So how does it stand up to its competitors? Well if you’re a coffee enthusiast, you won’t be disappointed when you visit one of these renowned coffee shops that’s for sure.


Every coffee that Tierra Mia Coffee makes is created with care. Prepared with a pour-over method, each of their unique coffees has a strong flavor – perfect for that caffeine fix.

With a large selection on their menu, including their signature drinks – the Horchata Latte (if you prefer cool drinks get a Horchata Frappe), Cubano con Leche and Mocha Mexicano, you can find something for all tastes – they are also rather affordable, especially in comparison to larger coffee shops. They can also be served in a coffee mug – a nice touch of experience that makes you feel at home.


Perfectly roasted and brewed, Tierra Mia Coffee drinks are strong but not bitter (something that many coffee shops can’t find the right balance of), with a rich, deep flavor. Boasting just the right amount of sweetness, you won’t have to worry about a drink that will give you a large sugar rush – unlike Starbucks, for example.

There’s also a wide selection of milk to choose from, meaning that those who are vegan won’t have to miss out on getting a coffee. Although this is now pretty standard, it’s good to know that Tierra Mia has also taken this on.

The atmosphere itself is good, albeit the music is quite loud – making it a good coffee shop to grab a quick drink, but not the best if you want to stay and work.

The decor is cool and stylish, with high ceilings and pictures on the walls of the coffee makers – a nice touch that you don’t often see. This gives the coffee shop personality that reminds you of a traditional coffeehouse with lots of character.


Maintaining this extraordinary art and the quote across the various locations, it showcases the business’ humble beginnings.

One thing to keep in mind about the N. Alvarado location is, however, that they don’t have any internal parking. This means that you’ll have to pay per hour on a meter outside of the coffee shop.

Although this is only $1 an hour, there is rarely any spaces and it can be annoying to have to go out and put more money in every hour that you’re in there – if you’ve decided to work or catch up with friends. If you don’t want to bother with parking, maybe it’s a better option to walk to it (after parking nearby), taking the bus or catching an Uber/Lyft.

Each of the baristas is friendly and knowledgeable, recommending several suggestions of hot or cold coffee – depending on your preference. This allows you to find the best flavor for your palette – and with flavors that are unique to the coffeehouse, you won’t be lost on things to try each time that you go there.

Tierra Mia Coffee – Final Thoughts

For coffee, this is definitely a yes. Tierra Mia Company is a contender for one of the best places in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for coffee drinks and a bite to eat, however, then it might not be the best place to go, as there aren’t a lot of food options.

Overall, I would recommend Tierra Mia place for those looking for something cool and a bit different. With their unique flavors, rich coffee and welcoming workers, it’s worth a try when you’re in one of the Tierra locations.

I hope that as this coffeehouse continues to grow, it retains its character and the feeling of a small business. Otherwise, it might lose the charm that it’s beloved for.

So next time you’re in one of the above areas, go check it out. I’m interested to see what others think of Tierra Mia. Do you love an extensive menu? Or do you prefer a simple menu that has good old fashioned coffee?

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