Woods Coffee Review for 2024

Woods Coffee is a family-owned and operated coffee shop chain located in the Pacific Northwest. The first Woods Coffee shop was founded in 2002 by the owner, Wes Herman, in Bender Plaza, Lyndon, and the chain has continued to grow ever since, opening their second site just 6 months later in the same town.

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With the vision for Woods Coffee always having been expansion, the chain now has 19 coffee shop locations across the Pacific Northwest located in Whatcom County, Skagit County, and King County as well as their own coffee roastery and a bakery where they produce items exclusively for their stores.

Their ethos

Although no one can deny that for Woods Coffee it’s the coffee that comes first, the chain also makes it clear that their customers, employees, and community are their priority with their thriving success attributed to their ability to please each and every customer who visits them.

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One thing that sets Woods Coffee apart from its competitors is its attention to its staff with the chain pledging a commitment to excellence through comprehensive staff training to help every employee excel in the opportunities placed before them each day. Woods Coffee recognizes that each interaction between their staff and customers has the ability to influence the course of that person’s day and therefore places a strong emphasis on positivity throughout their workforce leading to their extraordinary levels of customer satisfaction.

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Alongside their dedication to both their customers and staff members, Woods Coffee is also committed to supporting their local communities by buying locally. From the milk in their drinks to the flour in their pastries, Woods Coffee believes in the importance of investing back into their local communities to help other small businesses thrive, impacting the community where they live and work with the goal of impacting lives for good.

In addition to supporting local, Woods Coffee also gives both free cups of coffee and monetary donations to many different charities as well as volunteering within their communities.

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Woods Coffee is also not afraid to admit its flaws, understanding that nobody is perfect and that despite their truest intentions to do their best every day, sometimes mistakes can be made.

For Woods Coffee, what matters the most is honesty, integrity, and transparency and they actively encourage their customers to reach out to them if something isn’t right or they have not enjoyed their visit so that they can put things right and work towards the continuous improvement of their service. Regardless of the size of this growing coffee chain, you won’t find a generic customer service contact number at Woods Coffee, and instead, the chain’s owner Wes encourages people to reach out to him directly at [email protected] or on (360) 305-0115.

The atmosphere

Woods Coffee has a consistent brand with a passion for providing the highest level of customer service, the most comfortable atmosphere and freshest food and drinks possible. With free wifi and comfortable seating across all of their locations, Woods Coffee is a great place to relax, meet with friends, work with clients or spend time with family.

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The chain is committed to diversity and inclusivity with a staff team of over 350 people from many different walks of life aiming to make each Woods Coffee location feel like home to whoever visits, regardless of their ethnic background, religion, gender, sexuality, or political views.

The coffee

At Woods Coffee, every cup starts with a relationship that makes a difference with the chain traveling globally to find the very best coffee and to provide sustainability to coffee farmers. It can be easy to forget that the coffee in our cups travels from so far afield, in many cases from third-world countries, but Woods Coffee makes the origins of its coffee a part of its identity and are committed to honoring the hard work of its coffee farmers and positively impacting their communities.

Back in the Pacific Northwest, Woods Coffee processes all of its coffee itself at its Woods Roastery in Bellingham, Washington. This roasting facility is dedicated to providing the best quality roasted coffee from smooth mellow roasts to dark single-origin specialty varieties.

Offering both drink-in, takeaway, and drive-through options Woods Coffee doesn’t fail to recognize the impact that their business can have on the environment, which is why both their hot and cold cups are 100% compostable and made from biopolymer plants which are domestically grown within the United States.

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Their food

To accompany their great-tasting beverages, Woods Coffee also offers a range of culinary delights cooked from scratch each day at their Woods Bakery in Lynden. From bagels to cookies, wraps to scones, the Woods Bakery produces both sweet and savory handcrafted treats that are delivered fresh to each Woods Coffee store each day.

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For those with dietary requirements, Woods Coffee also offers a range of gluten-free and vegan options and their online menu clearly labels each item’s ingredients and allergens helping consumers to make informed choices.

Their shop

With a strong brand and a loyal following, Woods Coffee also has a thriving online shop selling a variety of merchandise including fashion items such as branded beanies, t-shirts, and hoodies alongside homeware such as flasks, mugs, and candles and of course they also sell their home-roasted coffee including single-origin varieties, decaffeinated options, and their unique Woods Blend.

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For lovers of the coffee chain, this online store is a great place to support the Woods Coffee brand and take away a piece of Woods Coffee into your home and personal life.

Where to find them

Woods Coffee is now a fairly large chain with 19 coffee shop locations across the Pacific Northwest including Whatcom, Skagit, King Counties, and British Columbia. Most locations open early between 5 and 6 in the morning to catch the morning commuter trade and close between 7 and 8 at night, giving customers plenty of opportunities to enjoy Woods Coffee throughout their day.

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