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Coffee 101

Understand the ins and outs of coffee, so you can impress your friends and colleagues. Trust me… everyone loves a coffee know-it-all 😉

  • Coffee Terms – Check out these 32 terms you need to memorize.
  • Macchiato – Ever wondered what a macchiato is? Here’s everything you need to know.
  • Types of Coffee – Here are 44 different types of coffee that every connoisseur should know.
  • Latte – What is a latte? Check this guide, and never ask that question again.
  • Coffee to Water Ratio – Understanding the right coffee-to-water ratio is the key to great coffee. Read this guide to master it.

Coffee Tutorials

Coffee Shop Reviews

  • Best St Louis Coffee Shops – I’m from Los Angeles, but I’ve been a St. Louis native since 2013. It’s crazy to think I’m just now trying some of the amazing coffee this city offers. I’ve visited and tried coffee from 13 different STL shops.

Coffee Fun

  • Coffee Puns – Need some funny coffee puns to get you through your day? Try one of these 119 puns.
  • Funny Coffee Memes – Looking for some hilarious coffee memes? You’re going to love this.