About The Darkest Roast

Our mission is to help you find the world’s best coffee and coffee products (without breaking the bank).

Here’s the deal:

Everyone and their mother has a coffee company.

But want to know something funny?

Most of these influencer-driven coffee brands all use the same manufacturers and suppliers. That means you’re paying a premium for the brand but not for the quality and uniqueness of the coffee.

Which brings me to an important question:

With thousands of options for coffee, how do you make an educated decision?

Good news.

The Darkest Roast was created to solve this exact problem.

We’re cutting through the noise and giving you coffee reviews based on first-hand experience and testing. And I guess we’re doing a good job because we’ve been featured in the NY Times, Yahoo, Tasting Table, and Mashed.

You’re in good hands!

About Our Founder

My name is Nathan Gotch, and I founded The Darkest Roast. I started this website in 2018 because I’m trying to find the best coffee in the world!

Like many people, I treated coffee like a drug and only cared about the energy component.

One day, I decided to invest in premium coffee, and my coffee journey was never the same.

I went from drinking gas station to being an absolute coffee snob.

Just kidding.

But seriously, I’m just a regular dude who loves great coffee. And no, I’m not a barista and didn’t study food science in college. But I’ve tried and have first-hand experience with every coffee I’ve reviewed on this website.

So if you want only to drink the best coffee, then The Darkest Roast is for you.

Here’s what makes The Darkest Roast unique:

Manufacturers or brands can’t pay me to review their coffee! I use my hard-earned dollars to buy and test all the coffee products on this website. All of our coffee reviews are based on first-hand experience and are completely unbiased. It doesn’t matter whether it’s amazing or terrible; I’ll give you the cold hard facts.

Sound good?

Get started below: