I Tried 12 Coffee Shops in St. Louis. Here’s the Best

I live in St Louis, and here are my favorite coffee shops:

1. Coma Coffee

Coma Coffee is perfect for a business meeting and is a great working environment. The decor is modern and minimalist, and it also happens to have some of the best coffee in STL.

I ordered a drip coffee, and my wife ordered her classic vanilla latte with oak milk. The coffee is brought to you at your table. The first thing that stood out to me was the presentation.

Coma Coffee St Louis

My coffee cup was heated, and the coffee itself had a sweet aroma. I took my first sip, and it was a medium roast, but it had an intense fruity flavor. I also loved that it wasn’t acidic at all, and it had a wonderful aftertaste. It was also the perfect temperature and was brewed to perfection. I could tell right away that Coma takes great pride in its coffee.

My wife’s vanilla latte with oat milk was even better. Check out this incredible latte art:

Coma Coffee Oat Milk Vanilla Latte

I didn’t think there was any way it could taste as good as it looks, but I was wrong.

The latte was creamy and had a perfect balance of coffee and milk. It also wasn’t overly sweet. Plus, the temperature was perfect. I couldn’t stop “trying” my wife’s latte because it was incredible.

Truly impressed by the quality of coffee and attention to detail that Coma Coffee has to offer. They get a solid 5 out of 5.

My only critique is that it’s in a random location that can be tough to find, even with a GPS. It’s also not much of an “IG-worthy” location. But if you care about quality coffee instead of silly vanity (like me), then Coma is a must-visit.

2. Sump Coffee

I visited the shop with my wife and sister-in-law. Their main motivation was to get some beautiful bouquets from Rudy’s Flower Truck because it was parked in front.

Outside of Sump Coffee St Louis

But they also wanted to try the coffee.

Let’s jump into the experience.

Sump Coffee Review: Is It Worth Visiting?

As you may or may not know, the goal of The Darkest Roast is to find you the best coffee on the planet. That’s why I always start my coffee shop reviews about the COFFEE.

Don’t worry… I’ll also share my thoughts on the location, vibe, crowd, etc.

But let’s talk about the coffee.

Sump Coffee offers eight different blends to choose from for their brewed coffee.

Sump Coffee St Louis Menu

I couldn’t try every blend in one visit, so I had to figure out what their darkest roast was.

I found out that A) they roast their coffee in-house (which is awesome) and B) that the darkest roast they have is an off-the-menu Noir blend (“Noir” is French for “black”). I ordered this blend because I prefer dark roast and who doesn’t want something “off the menu”?!

I will say the other blends looked very interesting, and I can assume they’re delicious.

That said, my coffee was $5, and here’s how it looked:

Sump Coffee Drip

Sump Drip Coffee Review

The coffee was at the perfect temperature, and I believe the coffee was brewed using a fresh drip.

This is a big deal because most places just have coffee on tap in a thermos. The problem with coffee in a thermos is that it gets overheated and over-brewed. As a result, it kills the flavor and quality.

The coffee had a great aroma, and I started my taste test by drinking it straight black. I initially thought it was a little acidic, which is surprising because dark roast coffee is usually the least acidic.

I wouldn’t classify this roast as a true dark roast. It was more like a medium roast.

I also want to clarify that “acidity” isn’t necessarily bad. I just prefer less acidic coffee.

That said, I thought the flavor was outstanding. I tasted chocolate and some fruity flavor notes.

Overall, the black coffee was a 5/5. It just isn’t my preferred flavor.

I then added some cream and raw sugar, which took the coffee to another level. That brought out the fruitiness flavor.

Overall, great coffee! I’m excited to try their other eight blends in the future.

Sump Latte Review

My wife ordered a caramel latte with oat milk, and my sister-in-law ordered a latte with simple syrup and oat milk.

They were both incredible.

My wife recently ordered some delicious lattes from Coma Coffee and Fiddlehead Fern, so I have high standards. Sump Coffee’s latte exceeded my expectations. Like my drip coffee, the latte was a perfect temperature, wasn’t overly sweet, and had the perfect ratio of espresso, steamed milk, and froth.

I care about flavor when it comes to coffee, but I should mention that the latte art was a little off.

Sump Coffee Latte Art

My wife’s latte art lost its shape, but my sister-in-law’s turned out well.

Not a big deal because the flavor is what matters.

Either way, the coffee shop itself is IG-worthy.

Sump Coffee Sign

It had a dark, edgy decor and was unique. Everything in the shop was “Sump” branded, which was super cool.

There was also a good amount of seating. Plus, the vibe was super relaxed, quiet, and casual.

Sump Coffee St. Louis Verdict

Overall, Sump Coffee in St. Louis deserves a solid 5 out of 5 stars because of the coffee quality and super unique vibe. Carve out some time to visit if you’re a St. Louis native or a traveler. It’s worth it!

3. Blueprint Coffee

My wife and I recently tried Blueprint Coffee at the Delmar loop and were blown away!

If you’ve never been to “The Loop” (as St. Louis natives say), it’s like Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles. It has tightly packed small stores, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. Definitely a cool place to check out if you’re visiting St. Louis. That said, we visited The Loop to try Blueprint Coffee.

I ordered their Tekton blend, and my wife ordered a vanilla latte with 2% milk. They had a small menu, but there were several different drip coffee blends to choose from. The barista said most of their blends are light roast (except for Tekton, a light-to-medium).

They used a pour-over method to brew my coffee, which I was excited to see. My coffee came to our table on a small metal tray with a cup and the coffee in a Pyrex. I loved this little touch because it kept the coffee at a proper temperature.

Blueprint Coffee Delmar Loop

The coffee had a fruity aroma and was pleasant. It had a very strong flavor and tasted very like the aroma. It was fruity, and it actually had some tangy flavor notes. It was pretty acidic, but I’ve come to expect that with lighter roasts. Overall, it was a flavor-rich coffee that was perfect for light roast drinkers.

My wife’s latte was exceptional. Not only was the latte art on point, but the flavor was unbelievable. It was also served at the perfect temperature, and it wasn’t super sweet. I was still able to taste the flavors of the espresso well.

Blueprint Coffee Latte

I didn’t think it was possible for any coffee shops to compete with Coma and Sump, but Blueprint Coffee is outstanding.

4. Fiddlehead Fern Cafe

Fiddlehead Fern isn’t a well-known coffee shop in St. Louis, but worth visiting. It has a cool vibe with a younger crowd. It also has rustic decor and live music on Saturdays. The line was long, but we were dedicated to trying their coffee.

Fiddlehead Fern Oat Milk Vanilla Latte

I ordered their Colombia blend. They had many different blends to choose from, but most were light to medium roast. That was kind of a bummer, but I understand. Light roast coffee typically has a better flavor profile.

I was pleased to see that they used a pour-over to brew the coffee. I thought the coffee was too acidic for my taste (light roast is usually more acidic, so that’s expected), and I didn’t love the aftertaste. I did taste some quality coca notes, though.

Overall, I didn’t love the black coffee flavor. However, I did enjoy it with cream and sugar. It was good coffee, but it was just not my personal preference.

My wife ordered her classic vanilla latte with oat milk (see above). It was definitely sweeter than Coma Coffee and Sump Coffee, but it was still delicious.

Overall, Fiddlehead Fern’s coffee is worth trying. I should mention that their food was absolutely delicious. We ordered the smashed chickpea-loaded toast and a garden veggie scramble.

Fiddlehead Fern Chickpea Toast

I’m not a food critic, but I would easily give both a 5/5. Some other things to consider when visiting Fiddlehead Fern are that A) you need to travel through some dicey areas with lots of abandoned buildings, and B) it’s close to the Botanical Garden, which might be a fun detour.

Fiddlehead Fern is worth trying for both St. Louis natives and travelers.

5. Comet Coffee

Comet Coffee is a hidden gem of a coffee shop in St. Louis. It’s right off the highway and is a little tricky to get to.

Comet Coffee Outside

That said, this coffee bar is worth a visit!

I first noticed the incredible aroma you’ll experience when you walk in. It also has a chill vibe, which is perfect for focused work or studying.

The menu was deep, with many different coffee blends.

Comet Coffee Menu

The barista said that most of them are light roast. This seems to be a common trend in the coffee shops we’ve visited in STL.

I ended up ordering Colombia, La Palmera blend. My wife ordered a vanilla latte.

The barista ground fresh coffee beans for my cup and used a pour-over for brewing. This is always a good sign. It shows that they care about the quality and freshness of their coffee.

The coffee was delivered with a simple presentation:

Comet Coffee

I didn’t get a strong aroma, but the flavor profile was deep. It had cherry undertones and was delicious black (without cream or sugar). I added some cream and raw sugar. It took it up another notch. Overall, it was a delicious cup of coffee, and I would love to try their other blends.

My wife’s vanilla latte was equally as perfect.

Comet Coffee Vanilla Latte

It wasn’t overly sweet, had great coffee flavor, and was super smooth. The only issue I had was that it was lukewarm (which can happen with lattes).

Overall, super impressed with Comet Coffee. It’s worth trying if you’re a St. Louis native or looking for a great cup of coffee when visiting the city.

6. The Mud House

If you’re looking for a great coffee-drinking experience, an excellent breakfast sandwich, and a cool vibe, then visit The Mud House. They have a ton of different coffee and breakfast options. I ordered a traditional breakfast and bottomless coffee.

The coffee had an outstanding aroma and an intense fruity flavor. In fact, it was so flavorful that you didn’t even need sugar. It was a medium roast, and it was super smooth. The only small criticism I have is that it was very hot (which often indicates over-brewing). My wife and sister-in-law ordered vanilla lattes.

The Mud House Vanilla Latte

The vanilla latte was excellent. It had the perfect amount of vanilla, the temperature was on point, and the flavor was excellent. Overall, The Mud House has great coffee, but the downside is that the restaurant has extremely limited seating, and you have to drive through some rough areas to get to it.

7. Winslow’s Home

Winslow’s Home is another coffee shop that is worth visiting if you are local to St. Louis or just visiting. It has a cool layout and design that certainly impresses me. One of the standout features is the community tables. This is great if you want to make new friends and meet people while enjoying a cup of coffee. Be aware that this is a loud location, and it’s full of energy. If you want a quiet space to work, this one won’t be for you. However, you can sit outside too, which is lovely on warm sunny days.

The food here is also excellent, with grits and the quiche being two particular standouts. The quiche is loaded with veg, so you can find a healthy treat here and a fantastic burger. It’s quite a varied menu regardless of when you go.

It does have a great design with rustic decor and industrial vibes. The only real issue is that this place might be a little too popular! You’ll regularly find a line going right out the door.

The coffee is great, and there’s quite a good selection. The flavors are rich. The only real issue was the long wait time.

8. Living Room Coffee Shop

We visited Living Room right after C. Oliver because they’re across the street from each other.

Outside of Living Room

I was happy to see that Living Room offered both a traditional drip coffee (in a thermos) and a pour-over option. I ordered a Honduras blend pour-over. It was cool to see that they roast their own coffee in-house.

Living Room Menu

I asked the barista, and she said that their blends are all light roast. Overall, the coffee had a nice sweet flavor profile and wasn’t super acidic. It was also at the perfect temperature, which is the product of a proper pour-over.

My wife ordered a vanilla latte.

Living Room Latte

It wasn’t my favorite, but it was decent. It was a little too sweet, but overall, it was good (not amazing).

9. The Wolf

The Wolf Cafe is perfect for grabbing breakfast or heading inside for a coffee. There are both self-serving options and coffees that are specially brewed for you.

The Wolf Vanilla Latte with Coconut Milk

You’ll find everything here, from wine to fresh local food and craft beer. There’s definitely a lot of variety, but this one isn’t for work. Instead, it’s ideal for relaxing, meeting new people, and enjoying some great live music.

The Wolf has an open stage, which means that anyone can get up and play some tunes. This ensures a wide showing of talent here, and it’s one of the main reasons this shop is popular with tourists and locals alike.

The specialty drinks are also great. While some of the coffees, like the Vanilla latte, weren’t to my taste, others, like the Ethiopian Blend, really hit the mark. I think this is a particularly cool choice for a breakfast treat. Basically, if you’re looking for a fun place to hang out in a space that certainly attracts the crowds, this is definitely one to try.

10. Foundation Grounds

While it does fall nearer the bottom of this list, I have to say I did like the Foundation Grounds. It’s just nothing special; as you can see, there’s quite a lot of competition here. An example of this would be the work environment. While Foundation Grounds is suitable as a working space, Coma Coffee does this much better.

It surpasses this shop in terms of style and facilities. You can’t have a proper working area in a coffee shop without great Wi-Fi, and the availability here is just too temperamental.

Foundation Grounds Regular Coffee

This definitely isn’t an Instagram-worthy location, which is one reason why, if you’re not in the area, I can’t recommend going out of your way to visit it.

Foundation Grounds Oat Milk Vanilla Latte

One thing I will see is that the food is absolutely heavenly. I definitely recommend the hot potato burrito. This might be a simple option from the menu, but I promise you it will go down as an absolute treat.

Foundation Grounds Breakfast Burrito

Overall, the coffee is excellent. Some lovely choices include the regular coffee available in a thermos. One of the things that people love is the cocoa flavor that’s present in the coffee, and it does add something for sure. It’s just not quite enough to recommend traveling out of your way to experience it.

11. Park Avenue Coffee

Park Avenue Coffee has a few different locations throughout St. Louis. We had an opportunity to try their coffee at the Cortex location. Unfortunately, it was very underwhelming. My wife, sister-in-law, and I agreed that it felt like a chain. It didn’t feel like a unique coffee shop like some of the other amazing ones on the list.

Park Avenue Coffee

That said, I ordered their “Park Blend” which is a dark roast. The first red flag was that the coffee was in a thermos. This tends to overbrew the coffee and makes it scalding hot. That’s why the top St. Louis coffee shops use manual pour-overs for brewing. This process brings out the flavor profile more. That said, the coffee wasn’t bad. It had a spicy aroma but didn’t have a great flavor profile. It felt like I was drinking Starbucks (except with a weaker flavor profile).

My wife ordered a Park Avenue mocha, and it was super sweet. The flavor was like a marshmallow. Unfortunately, my wife couldn’t get through it because of the overwhelming sweetness.

Park Avenue Mocha

My sister-in-law ordered a vanilla latte. It was solid.

Park Avenue Vanilla Latte

Overall, Park Avenue Coffee is fine if you want a quick coffee. But if you’re looking for a complete coffee experience, a cool vibe, and amazing coffee, go to the top shops on this list.

12. The Clover and the Bee

The Clover and the Bee is an Instagram-worthy breakfast spot, but its coffee is lacking. I ordered bottomless coffee, and there were a few issues. First, it was extremely hot and over-brewed. This is the product of coffee sitting in a thermos for hours. The coffee was very acidic and sour.

Clover and the Bee Black Coffee

I did get some sweet cherry flavor notes, though. It seems like drip coffee isn’t a priority at this restaurant.

My wife ordered a caramel latte, and my sister-in-law ordered a vanilla latte. The caramel latte was extremely acidic, like my drip coffee. I can only assume this is because of the blend of coffee their using. Some people love acidity, but I’m not one of those. The other issue with the caramel latte was the presentation. I care more about flavor, but it’s lacking when comparing it to the other coffee shops in STL (see below).

Clover and the Bee Caramel Latte

My sister-in-law’s vanilla latte was much better, but it didn’t have much vanilla flavor. This is a cool place to grab breakfast or get IG pics.

However, I would prioritize Sump, Coma, and Fiddlehead if you’re looking for great coffee in St. Louis.

Now to You

We will visit every coffee shop in St. Louis because I aim to find you the best coffee. I’ll keep updating this list as we try new ones.

Have you tried any of these STL coffee shops?

Leave your thoughts below.

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Nathan is the founder of The Darkest Roast (featured in the NY Times, Yahoo, and Tasting Table). He is a self-taught coffee expert and has tried 100s of coffees from around the world. Nathan's goal is to help you find the best coffee, so you only drink the best.

37 thoughts on “I Tried 12 Coffee Shops in St. Louis. Here’s the Best”

  1. Your site was an awesome and extremely helpful find while I am in St. Louis! I love good coffee (cold brew, single origin espresso, pour overs, and cortado’s) and I really appreciate your in-depth reviews!

  2. My coffee group is looking for a place with outside seating and a little heat, like a patio heater. N W Coffee on Laclede near Boyle has wood fires but some of us can’t tolerate the smoke.
    Can you help? Thanks.

  3. I do like Comet, although it has been over a year since I’ve stopped in.
    I love Bonaventure Coffee. It is a very cute drive-up only coffee shop. The owners (and the other staff members) are friendly, helpful, get to know their customers, have amazing suggestions, and serve some of the best coffee around. The coffee is from the Pacific NW.
    Another great place is Peace, Love, Coffee. They are a vegan coffee shop and their drinks are better than the majority of non-vegan shops. I believe they use Blueprint Coffee. The service is also top-notch. As an added bonus they paired with chef Chris Burtke for a vegan deli. The food is AMAZING.

  4. I need to get out to more coffee shops, but all of these seem far to go for just a morning coffee. Have you checked out any in North County? (North of 70 and north of 270 in between 170 and the Chain of Rocks Bridge) I know I’ve heard about some in Hazelwood, Florissant, Ferguson… just haven’t been to any except Latte Lounge, you should try them!

  5. I was surprised Kaldis isn’t on this list since they’re the most prolific local place that comes to mind. Are they actually a national chain and I didn’t realize it?

  6. Nathan, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t include Kaldi’s simply because they have a location in Atlanta and Columbia, MO? Huh?

    The premise is St. Louis coffee. Kaldi’s was founded in STL and they have several locations. And yes, it’s good. They are IN St. Louis and inner-ring suburbs here.

    Punishing them because they are in ATL doesn’t make sense.

    In my opinion, and I’ve had many cups of coffee, they are at or right at the top here in St. Louis for coffee and ambiance.

    Please reconsider. They ARE St. Louis.

  7. As I was planning an extended weekend in STL and looking for a coffee shop or two when I came across your work. Lucky me!! I’ll add that we lived in STL for seven years and now reside in LA. My LA project has me hitting the 29 Best Coffee Roasters and the 24 Black-owned coffee shops. Midway thru both, and I second your Top 6 LA List, but I still need to hit Endorffeine and PCP with Carrera add for good measure. Now, my all-time favorite is Conservatory in Culver City—family owned & operated with award winning roaster (AJ) plus the locals and hipsters hanging there—where everyone knows your name-just no WiFi and closed on Sunday. I’ll give you my take on the STL scene next week.

  8. I think you need to try Hartford Coffee Shop on the corner of Hartford St. and Roger. The address is 3974 Hartford St. St. Louis, Mo. 63116. They have a huge variety of fresh coffee beans, including flavored beans. My favorite is called Rain Forest Crunch, it’s hazelnut, almond, macadamia nut, and vanilla flavored beans and not only does it smell amazing, it tastes amazing as well. The also have a huge variety of food, and baked goods. Most everything is home made including things like hummus, falafels, tomato soup, chicken curry salad, potato salad, etc. Also a variety of muffins, scones, muffones, cookies, etc. Great atmosphere, extremely friendly staff, free WiFi, outdoor seating as well out front and out back. They also have a building in the back that has a small banquet room for private events. I highly recommend that you try this place. I promise you won’t regret it. They serve a huge variety of sandwiches, also breakfast sandwiches all day long, on your choice of Wheat, Rye, or toasted sourdough bread, flour tortillas for burritos, pita bread, Asiago, “Everything” bagels and I believe the 3rd one is a plain bagel with a variety of toppings as well. The jalepeno bacon is amazing. I have not one single complaint about this place, again I highly recommend that you give it a shot. You won’t be sorry. Enjoy!!

  9. Great flipping though things. I have made it to most of these. Try a trip to coffee stamp (micro roast by 2 brothers from Latin America with a family coffee farm in the home country and excellent empanadas). Northwest coffee cwe is also a micro roastery. Cool out door fire pits

  10. Why don’t you include any coffee shops in north City of St Louis? We do have coffee shops on the north side. It’s always very sad to me that white people in St Louis basically just ignore the north side, and they miss out on some of what could be the best in town. I am an old white lady, BTW. It’s also good for us to support black owned businesses, and from what I see, none of those are included either.

    • We’re open to trying any coffee shops! Please share a list of those that you think we should try in North City, thanks

  11. Nathan, great reviews. The main reason why better coffee shops don’t offer the roast as dark as you like it, and why this is less popular with good beans, is that roasting it that long burns it. It is thought to alter the quality of the bean negatively.

    So a lot of people got used to these darker roasts and they were there way into coffee mainly because they are popular with the mainstream.

    They seem stronger but they aren’t, they have less caffeine than lighter roasts because they are roasted longer. The strength in flavor comes from the length of time that they are roasted. This also reduces acidity. However, there are beans that without long roasting lack the acidity you don’t like, you just have to ask specifically for that.

    But typically, when people become connoisseurs of coffee in the trendy scene Portland and Seattle born US scene they move away from dark roasts so that they can taste the bean without being overwhelmed by the charcoal flavor from it’s roasting. It reveals much more subtle and complex notes that people are interested in experiencing.

    In short, darker roasts like your into really aren’t cool in that scene anymore, but can always be had at places like Starbucks, that popularized these dark roasts.

    Thank you for your reviews. I am going to try out Sump. My regular spot is the Blueprint on Watson when I’m not getting my Irish Creme cold brew at Starbucks.

  12. Thanks for this amazing list 🙂 Although I have been some of these places, it is nice to see them on the list. Have u ever tried Gelateria Coffeeshop on S Grand Blvd? I have tried so many good coffee while traveling but I missed a lot Gelateria’s coffee. Especially their ice latte w oat milk is something that everyone should try! 🙂

  13. Why not Picassos? Its worth the drive imo. I know this is a STL list, but you have a Ballwin coffee shop listed. Picassos on Streets of St. Charles has been consistently phenomenal for years! Also want to co-sign Gather in McKinley Heights and add Black Forest Kaffe in Tower Grove East near Fox Park.

  14. Loved reading your post about some of the coffee shops in St. Louis! I’m not an avid coffee drinker myself but I’m always looking for cafes that have amazing tea along with their coffee. I personally use a chai latte as my basis for coffee shops. I’d be really interested to hear your opinion about Teleo Coffee in Kirkwood. Great work!


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